Ways to Prepare Your Business for Summer

business for summer

The so-called ‘seasonal slump’ can mean different things to different businesses. Often, specific periods during the year will have customers and clients flocking your way, while others are notably slow. 

Examples of businesses and industries that suffer in summer include retail and the hair and beauty industries. Typically, these industries will see a seasonal boom in the approach to Christmas. Meanwhile, summer can take its toll, with clients and customers being away on holiday or focusing on other summer activities.

Bookings can start to dwindle, which can impact you as a business. If you own a salon, there are some things you can do to limit these impacts. Here’s what you need to know.

Take deposits

A client not showing up for an appointment can be very damaging for a business – and if this happens multiple times a week, it can have a knock-on effect on cash flow and other areas. It is also frustrating because this time could have been used on another client who couldn’t get an appointment at this time.

An excellent way to protect your business from this is by asking for a deposit. This reduces the risk of you not getting paid and helps to maintain cash flow. It can also help clients appreciate you as a business and that they shouldn’t take their appointments for granted. It may also help clients turn up on time to get the most out of their appointments.

Stock up 

As a salon owner, you must stock all the products you need to offer all services. To help this process, you can record product usage over time to determine what you might need during the summer period.

It’s worth noting any change in demand through the seasons. For example, during the winter you may need more tanning solution than during the summer months. Meanwhile, the summer might demand more waxing treatments and nail appointments before clients go on holiday.


Social media has become increasingly important for businesses so clients can stay informed. This way, you can communicate exclusive seasonal deals to encourage clients to visit the salon. Social media can also build relationships with your clients and remind them that your salon is there. 

You can upload content such as tutorials and inspiration, prompting clients to book an appointment. Be sure to have clear call-to-actions and highlight any USPs so you stand out from the rest. 


As mentioned, seasonal deals and discounts can be the perfect way to attract clients to the salon during quieter periods. Offers built around exclusivity and ‘FOMO’ can help to prompt people into action. Again, you could also sell gift cards to aid cash flow while encouraging clients to return.

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