The Role of Colour Psychology in Product Box Packaging

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Everyone has colours that they prefer over others. There’s always a reason for people to choose specific colours, and it’s entirely their preference. The role of colour psychology in packaging might not be evident to you, but it exists.

Have you ever noticed how the product packaging colours catch your eye in the store? That’s because colours are like secret messengers – they speak to our feelings and influence what we buy. You are bound to be attracted to specific colours, and once a brand identifies that they get more visitors for their products. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of colour psychology in product packaging.

Colours and Feelings

Did you know that colours can make us feel certain emotions? It’s true! You must have heard that red is the colour of love. While it is symbolised as love, that is not precisely what red colour does. Different colours ignite various emotions in humans. Here’s a sneak peek into some colours and what they can make us feel:

  • Red: This colour is bold and exciting! It can make us feel energetic or even hungry. That’s why you often see it on food packaging.
  • Blue: Think of the calm sea. Blue makes us feel peaceful and trustworthy. That’s why it’s used for things like tech gadgets or medicine.
  • Green: It’s the colour of nature and health. Green makes us feel relaxed and is often seen in organic or eco-friendly products.
  • Yellow: Bright and cheerful; yellow makes us feel happy and lively. It’s used to catch attention or in products for kids.
  • Black: Sleek and fancy, black gives a sense of luxury. When you see black packaging, it feels like something special.

Connecting with Emotions

Colours can talk to our feelings without us even realising it! For example:

  • Warm colours like red, orange, and yellow can make us hungry or excited.
  • Cool colours like blue and green can make us feel calm and relaxed.
  • Some colours grab our attention quickly, while others make us feel more at ease.

Making Brands Recognisable

Think about your favourite brands. Can you imagine their packaging colours? Brands use specific colours to stand out. When we see those colours, we immediately think of that brand. That’s one of the significant goals of marketing. Your customers should be able to picture your packaging, products, logo, and everything just by hearing your brand’s name. While the colour of your product box can’t do everything, it can certainly help people remember your packaging.

Cultural Meanings

Screwfix cardboard boxes come in a variety of colours. These colours might mean different things in different places. For instance, white might mean purity in one culture but sadness in another. Brands need to think about this when choosing colours for their packaging. Learn about the culture of your target place with your packaging and choose colours accordingly.

Colours Working Together

It is not necessary to only use one colour in your packaging boxes. Sometimes, it’s not about just one colour. It’s about how colours dance together. Some combinations look great together, while others catch our eye with their differences. Too many colours can be too much, so balance is critical! Make combinations that you think are attractive and resonate with your product. Use those colours to grab the attention of the audience.

Changing with Seasons and Trends

As the seasons change throughout the year, you need to use different colours in each season. The colours that work well in summer might not be appropriate for winter. Colours can change with the seasons or what’s popular. Bright colours for summer or cosy ones for winter – these changes keep things exciting and fresh. You can use the same packaging throughout the year, but choose neutral colours that work in all seasons.


In short, the colours on product packaging are like little magicians. They whisper to our emotions and nudge us to make choices. Creating your packaging with Screwfix cardboard boxes might seem easy, but colour psychology is crucial. You must be mindful of your customer’s preferences, culture, and seasons. 

Whether making us feel hungry, calm, or excited, colours play a big part in how we see products. So, next time you’re shopping, pay attention to the colours around you – they might just be guiding your shopping cart, which will help you develop great ideas for your business. You will see how colours navigate your shopping choices, and once you start seeing it as a customer, it will become easier for you as a business owner. So start learning about colour psychology for a better impact on your customers.

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