Activities to consider when visiting London

visiting London

They say big cities have something for everyone, but that’s truer for London than it is for almost anywhere else in the world. The UK’s capital is one of the most diverse places on Earth, so rest assured that if you are among those embarking on a train to London for a day or the weekend, you are sure to find some enticing options.

Whether you’re coming for a ticketed event or just dropping in, you likely have some plans, but if you’re looking to fill out your itinerary to make the most of your time in the capital, here are a few ideas.

The major sights

If it’s your first time in London, you should make sure not to miss out on some of its biggest draws. Let yourself fully play the role of the wide-eyed tourist. Go ahead and take that selfie in front of Buckingham Palace. Get a close-up look at the Crown Jewels and dive into the past at the Tower of London. Join the 4.7 million people per year who visit the Natural History Museum, London’s most popular tourist attraction of all. These are iconic destinations for good reason.

See the city differently

There’s a lot you can discover about London just by walking around its various boroughs, but you can think bigger than that as well. It’s a city where those rewards are being seen from all kinds of angles, so consider exploring more of them! There are regular boat tours of the River Thames from which you’ll be able to see many of the capital’s most famous sights.

You can, of course, head to the London Eye on the banks of the river to get a bird’s-eye view of world-famous buildings like the Shard and the Houses of Parliament. For an aerial view with an extra dash of adventure, meanwhile, you could attempt a skywalk above Tottenham Hotspur Stadium that’ll thrill and dazzle in equal measure.


London’s West End is reason enough to visit, so getting yourself a ticket to a show is a great thing to tick off your bucket list. A night out at one of the city’s many theatres to see a jolly musical or gripping drama is hard to go wrong with.

Outside of the theatre, London offers unparalleled nightlife, with every kind of cuisine under the sun represented and a thriving bar and club scene catering to all types of tastes. It’s the kind of city where you can let yourself get swept away and never have the same night twice if you don’t want to.

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