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Do you want to buy a Herald account in Dota 2? But you don’t know where to get it! Then, fret not. Because you are about to find out where to buy a Herald account in Dota 2 and all other things you must know before making the purchase.

Dota 2 is a highly competitive online multiplayer game, and players are constantly striving to improve their ranks and climb the ladder. Some players purchase a Herald Account to skip the initial hassle and quickly start their Dota 2 journey. Here, we will explore the advantages and risks of buying a Herald Account and guide where to find trustworthy sources to make such a purchase.

 Why Should I Buy a Herald Account?

If you are still unsure whether to buy a Herald Account, here are several reasons. Firstly, it will save you time. You won’t have to complete 100 hours and ten matches to reach Herald and play ranked matches.

Despite being the initial rank, Herald accounts offer significant potential for skill development, strategic enhancement, and heightened map awareness. Some other reasons to consider buying a Herald account are that they are suitable for coaching, testing new tricks, experimenting with different roles and heroes, and trying out strategies in a less competitive setting.

Risks of Buying a Herald Account

Before we head towards where to buy a herald account, we must be aware of the associated risks. So you can make an informed decision. Below are some risks of purchasing a Herald account:

1. Account Security

One of the primary risks is account security. When purchasing an account from third-party sellers or websites,  you might fall victim to scams or unauthorized access to personal information. So, it is necessary to research and choose reputable sources to avoid such issues thoroughly.

2. Vulnerability to bans

Another significant risk is the possibility of account bans or penalties imposed by the game’s developers. Dota 2 strictly prohibits the sale or purchase of accounts. It is considered a violation of their terms of service. You may face severe consequences, including permanent bans or suspensions, if caught.

How can I minimize risks when buying a Herald Account?

But you can minimize risks when buying a Herald Account and have a safe purchase by following these tips:

1. Seller’s reputation

First and foremost, the seller’s reputation matters. Before you buy a Herald Account, check the reviews and ratings of the seller. If required, inquire others about their experience with the seller. For this, you can join Dota 2 communities. This information provides insights into the seller’s reliability and the quality of the sold account.

2. Check Account Security

Account security should also be a top priority. Before you purchase, inquire about the account’s security measures, such as registered email addresses and two-factor authentication, and if any additional security steps are necessary to ensure the account remains safe after purchase. A secure account provides peace of mind and a hassle-free gaming experience.

3. Look for a Money-Back Guarantee or other Warranty

Lastly, ensure the seller offers a guarantee or warranty for the purchased Herald Account. This can protect against unexpected circumstances, such as bans or penalties imposed by the game developers. Trusted sellers are fair in their dealings and offer a guarantee or warranty from the very start. So, this is your sign that the seller is authentic.

Where to Buy a Herald Account

Several online platforms and websites sell Dota 2 accounts, including Herald Accounts. Popular options include player-to-player marketplaces, account trading websites, and specialized gaming forums. Below are some spots where you can buy a Dota 2 Herald account 10 MMR to 600 MMR

1. PlayerAuctions 

It is a popular player-to-player marketplace that offers a wide range of Dota 2 accounts, including Herald Accounts. Player-to-player marketplaces are often considered safe options. They provide a secure environment for buying and selling accounts. Expect buyer protection and moderation, hence a fair and secure transaction.

2. G2G

Similarly, G2G is another reputable player-to-player marketplace where you can get Herald Accounts.

3. Dota2-Accounts

Or, you can go for account trading websites like Dota2-Accounts. Here, you can buy a Herald Account from reputable sellers, with user reviews and ratings to guide you in making the right decision.

4. EpicNPC

Similarly, EpicNPC is another reputable account trading website where you can get Herald Accounts.

5. Reddit

You can also choose Reddit to buy a Herald account. Just go to the Dota 2 subreddit, “r/DotA2”. It has posts from players looking to sell Herald Accounts. But be cautious. Ensure you follow all steps and check the seller thoroughly to avoid risks.

6. Social media

You can also check social media platforms to buy a Dota 2 Herald account. There are several groups on Facebook where you can find good Herald accounts.

7. Other Options

You can also buy a Herald account from websites like Immoralboost, MMR-boost, Vikingdota, Eldorado, etc.


In conclusion, always do thorough research while buying any account. Check ratings and ask people about their experience with the seller. This way, you can find a reliable source to get a safe Dota 2 Herald account.

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