Where Can We Get the Best Services for Story Writing Help?

AI story generator by Editpad

If you’ve ever written a story or a short story, you know how hard it is to develop ideas for a good plot. The only thing you have to work with is the story’s title. Sometimes, you must spend hours figuring out how to unfold the story. In cases like these, you must get extra creative to create a unique story.

What if you can’t seem to bring yourself to do that? Well, fortunately now you can get help for story writing. There are many platforms now available that offer different services to customers. One of these services is helping the client with story writing. Some might even write the whole story for you.

If you want to know more about them and how you can get the best services for storywriting help through them, then keep reading.

Platforms That Can Help You With Story Writing

Three leading platforms can be used to get help with story writing. We will discuss all of them below, along with how you can use them effectively. Remember that “Platforms” means any service providers that can help you with this.

1.      AI Writing Platforms/Story Generators

There are multiple writing platforms available on the internet that use artificial intelligence to generate anything that the user needs. It’s a story in this case, so we’re only focusing on that.

AI writing platforms, particularly AI story generators, can be helpful for storywriters when they can’t come up with ideas. Tools like these can generate a whole story for the user in seconds. All they need is a title and the press of a button to write an entire story.

You can find many of them simply by searching for “AI story generator” on Google. Then you can work with the one you like most. We did the same and found the AI story generator by Editpad. We’re specifying this one because we used it ourselves, and from what we’ve noticed, it produces pretty accurate and effective results. Here’s what its input box looks like.

If you choose this tool, you’ll land on this page. Then, you have to give it the title of the story you want to get ideas for and hit “Submit.”

The tool will generate an output that can be seen right under the input box. Here’s a quick demonstration.

We asked it to generate a story on the topic “Greed is a curse,” and it did. You can use this for yourself to develop a whole story or get ideas from the plot it comes up with. Then, you can use these ideas in what you’re writing yourself.

If, for some reason, you’re not comfortable with getting the help of AI, you can use the following two platforms. These platforms can be used to hire actual writers to get help in story writing.

2.      Online Talent Marketplaces

Online talent marketplaces can be an excellent resource for getting story-writing help. You can hire real-life story writers who have worked with countless clients to get help from them. There are three top talent marketplaces that we’ve often used ourselves. If you can’t find a good story writer on one of them, you can always look for one on the other. These marketplaces are the following.

Now, we’ll briefly explain how each of the talent mentioned above marketplaces works and how you can hire a professional story writer for help from them.

1)     Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular online talent marketplaces where freelancers offer their services to users around the globe. To hire a story writer for help, you must open Fiverr on your web browser or download its mobile application. Once that is done, you must log in with your account; you can create one if you don’t have one.

Then, you can search for “Story Writers” in the platform’s search bar. You can also choose the “Pro services” option beside the search bar. This will only show you the highest-rated professionals who have completed many orders before. Here’s what it should look like, more or less.

Once that is done, look for a freelancer that has good reviews and fits your budget. You can then message them directly on Fiverr to get a quote and see if they’re available. If they are, you can hire them and get the help you need for story writing. You can also ask them to write the whole story for you. Proofreading and editing are also part of their services.

2)     Upwork

Upwork is another online talent marketplace where you can hire freelance storywriters to get help. Some people prefer Upwork, whereas others prefer Fiverr, so we included both in this list. You can open Upwork on your web browser or download its mobile application like Fiverr.

Once that is done, log in and search for “Story writers” using the search bar. You’ll have a list of freelancers you can hire to get help. Here’s what it’ll look like.

Please take a look at their job success rate, their portfolio, and what they charge. Once you’ve found the one that you’d like to work with, simply open their profile and hire them to work with you. Upwork doesn’t allow you to text freelancers, so you’re going to have to be a bit careful about who you hire in the first place. Once you’ve hired one, you can get help like proofreading and editing or any other thing that you need for story writing from them.

3)     Guru

The last talent marketplace that we’re going to mention on this list is Guru. It is free to use for everyone. All you have to do to hire freelancers from it is to register yourself. Once you’ve done that, you can search for “Story writers,” you’ll be met with a list of all the people you can hire for help.

Here’s what it should look like in the list.

With the results in front of you, look for a freelancer that suits your budget. Then, please take a look at their portfolio and performance. If you like what you see, you can get a quote from them and hire them for storywriting help. Of course, you can ask them to write one from start to end for you or edit the one you’ve written, just like we’ve mentioned on all the other marketplaces on this list.

Now that we’ve mentioned all the online talent marketplaces let us move on to the last platform where you can get services for storywriting help.

3.      Writing Agencies

The last place you can get services for story writing help is from a writing agency. Look for a local writing agency that’s near your place. You can look for one on Google or ask a friend or family member about it. Google usually lists places that are near you from top to bottom. We’re talking about one that’s near because you can always go there to meet the writers in person without having to travel too much.

If you find one that fits this requirement, contact them and get a quote. Tell them what help you need and ask if they can do it. You can also contact someone not near you and see if they are worth traveling the extra miles for. Most writing agencies have a single writer overlooking a single client. If you want to gather suggestions, then be sure to tell them you need multiple writers working for you.

The advantage of getting help from a writing agency rather than an online platform is that you will have an address to which you can go to solve your issues. This can help build trust between the client and writers and increase the work’s effectiveness.

Writing agencies often need guidance on what you want in your story and what it should be about; be sure to let them know. This can help them edit or write the story to your liking and improve your chances of being happy with their help.

Final Words

Writing a story all by yourself can be a bit difficult. Therefore, there might be times when you need help with it. In this article, we have mentioned some platforms where you can get the best services for storywriting help. These platforms can help you with editing and proofreading stuff and even write the whole story for you based on the title you provide them with. Be sure to provide them with some guidelines, though.

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