When to Instruct a Solicitor When Buying a House


When buying a house, instructing a solicitor is one of the most critical steps. This guide will walk you through the optimal timing and processes to select one for your property purchase.

The ideal time to instruct a solicitor

You should instruct a solicitor from the beginning. Viewing properties without one is OK, but you shouldn’t make a deal without speaking to a solicitor. What you see of the home is only one part of the story. The solicitor can take hold of the formalities, looking out for common (but hard to spot) bumps in the road on your behalf.

The longer you wait, the more complex the process could be. And you don’t want it to be more complicated – the average time to complete the sale is three months, so you can expect it to drag on for longer if there are any hiccups.

The role of a solicitor

The solicitor guides and safeguards the buyer’s interests.

They handle identification verifications, organize property searches and checks, tell you whether you must pay Stamp Duty and more. They essentially take everything legal on your behalf. Ultimately, they’ll draft a contract to purchase the home.

Choosing the right solicitor

You need the best solicitor, one that won’t add to delays. Start by assessing their proficiency in conveyancing and ability to manage specific demands. Do they have too many jobs at once? Do they respond quickly?

Going local can be a huge benefit. While not a strict necessity, if you were buying a home in Gloucestershire, a firm like willans.co.uk could give you insights into the local area that online solicitors can’t.

The key is finding a solicitor who understands your needs and can communicate effectively.

A proactive approach

It isn’t advisable to agree to a deal without contacting a solicitor. All you know about the property is what you see and what the owner says; anything could be wrong with the property.

A proactive approach will include initial formalities like ID verification and filling in necessary property information forms. For buyers, a solicitor in place will make finding the right home smoother. It might even help them get to their perfect home quickly. Not all homes are as good on the inside as on the outside.

The benefits of early involvement

Instructing a solicitor from the beginning has many benefits. For one, do you understand the legal side of buying a home?

Early involvement of solicitors ensures all necessary checks and preparations begin. It’s an attempt to reduce delays – but they must be reliable. Check reviews online. Sometimes, the wrong solicitor can cause you to wait longer before getting the keys to your new home.

Your solicitor can also proactively identify potential issues early in the process. For example, a conveyancing solicitor can help with any problems with the property. There’s also the benefit of understanding complex cases. For instance, leasehold properties aren’t as simple, and additional legal intricacies are involved. Engaging a solicitor early on will give you peace of mind. Buying a house is a significant milestone – and the UK housing market is nothing short of a nightmare. Legal support is crucial, and instructing a reliable solicitor at the beginning will make the process easier.

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