When might you need spare car keys?

The car has long been the most popular mode of transport in the world. And this is logical because the car owner increases his mobility. It is more necessary to adapt to public transport schedules in order to get to work or visit friends.

But of course, when we talk about a car, the key immediately comes to mind in the form of an association. A car key is an extremely important accessory, without which you simply cannot use your vehicle. If for some reason you do not have a car key, it will not be possible to unlock the vehicle or start it (the exception is car models that do not start with a key but with a button).

In this article, we would like to go into more detail about the benefits of having a spare car key: where you might need it and where you can order a spare car key.

When do you need a spare car key?

Here are the most popular situations where a spare key for your car or van is really important:

  1. You have lost or forgotten your car key. If you do not have a spare key at the same time, you lose access to the car.
  2. The car has a second owner. For example, you share a car with a family member. In such a situation, the presence of a second key for the car is completely logical.
  3. The car key was damaged. There are a huge number of situations when a car key can stop working or work poorly. This can happen due to overheating (for example, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight), moisture, or mechanical damage. There are also situations when externally the car key looks completely serviceable, but there is a problem with the programmed chip that is located inside the car key fob.

These are just the main reasons why you should have a spare car key. In reality, there are a lot of situations when this can be extremely necessary, and often these situations are individual.

Where can I order a spare car key?

If you are interested in buying a spare car key but do not know where to order it, we recommend contacting We’ve Got The Key – a UK-based auto locksmith company. The company’s specialists have been successfully helping car owners throughout the UK with any problems related to vehicle keys for many years. The list of services offered by the company includes cutting and programming car keys (both spare and replacements for lost, stolen, or broken ones), emergency unlocking of vehicles, and installation of car alarms and security systems.

Order a spare car key from We’ve Got The Key stands because often the final cost will be lower than that of the dealer. Speed is also important: often when contacting a dealer, you have to wait from one to several weeks. In We’ve Got The Key you will be able to receive the key within two days from the date of order. All keys come with a 12-month warranty.

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