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Vegito, the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball Z series, emerges through the Potara Fusion of Goku and Vegeta. This momentous fusion occurs during the climactic Buu Saga when Goku returns from the Other World. Taking on the Super Saiyan form, Vegito demonstrates remarkable ease in dealing with Buu, the antagonistic force of the saga. 

However, Vegito’s overwhelming power is matched by an equally potent sense of cockiness. Instead of swiftly ending the battle, Vegito opts to toy with Buu, prolonging the confrontation. A peculiar turn of events unfolds when Buu manages to transmute Vegito into a piece of candy. 

What is Vegito?

Vegito displays astonishing resilience by relentlessly pummeling Buu. Forced to acknowledge Vegito’s unwavering tenacity, Buu reverses the transformation, returning it to its original state. Despite Vegito’s clear dominance, the fusion indulges in protracted amusement at Buu’s expense, rather than promptly vanquishing him.

As the battle progresses, Buu cunningly absorbs the fused Saiyans, an act that defies the fusion’s purported permanence. The mystical properties of Buu’s enzymes lead to its untimely separation. This separation marks the end of Vegito’s existence, as the satisfied Vegeta deliberately shatters the earring, which had served as the catalyst for their fusion, sealing fate.

What is Vegito


In a later encounter with Fusion Zamasu, a foe of extraordinary might, Goku and Vegeta resort to fusing once again using Shin’s Potara earrings. This fusion results in the revival of Vegito, who promptly ascends to the Super Saiyan Blue form. The ensuing clash between Vegito and Fusion Zamasu is nothing short of fierce, with enjoying a distinct upper hand. The momentum of the battle shifts dramatically in its favor, as Fusion Zamasu grapples with the complexities of his immortality.

As a result, it stands on the cusp of securing victory against the challenged Fusion Zamasu, and an unforeseen setback arises. The fusion prematurely unravels mere minutes after its formation, in stark contrast to the hour-long time limit stated by Gowasu, the Supreme Kai. This abrupt dissolution is attributed to the colossal expenditure of energy inherent in the fusion.

Vegito History

Vegito, the result of a Potara Earring Fusion, stands as Old Kai’s preferred fusion method, differing from the Fusion Dance. Supreme Kais achieve permanent fusion, whereas mortals are bound by an hour limit even if earrings are removed. Power assessment is intricate, and Vegito’s power surge is drastic. He combines Goku’s confidence and combat acumen with Vegeta’s attitude and strategic genius.

Born of desperation, it arises from Goku and Vegeta’s effort to halt Super Buu’s destruction. Absorbing Gotenks and Piccolo, Super Buu spurs Goku and Shin’s decision to fuse. Time constraints make Fusion Dance unviable. Potara Earrings solve this, given to Goku to save the universe. Goku arrives on Earth in time, thwarting Super Buu’s destructive energy sphere. 

Goku throws the earring to Gohan, but it’s dropped. Buu’s power drops as Gotenks splits inside him. Buu absorbs Gohan, growing deadlier. Goku, with no fusion options, uses Instant Transmission to reach Vegeta, which fuses.

It emerges as Super Buu appears. In the anime, Vegeta resists, sending futile blasts. Buu deflects, taunts, and beats the Saiyans. After persuasion, Vegeta agrees and tells of his family’s fate. 

Vegito proves superior. He withstands Buu’s assault and dominates, surpassing absorbed Gohan. He turns into Super Saiyan in the anime, amplifying his power. Buu liquefies and infiltrates it, but it isolates and defeats him. Buu’s rage risks universe destruction, it breaks his shield.

Vegito Appearance

Vegito boasts obsidian hair that mirrors Vegeta’s upward sweep, yet incorporates Goku’s signature twin locks at the forefront. His eyes are a deep shade of darkness. His attire marries the iconic elements of both Goku and Vegeta’s wardrobes. 

This fusion yields a distinctive ensemble: a royal blue martial arts uniform complete with an orange undershirt, a cerulean belt cinched at the waist, pristine white gloves, and resplendent white-gold boots. Adorning his ears, it proudly dons the unmistakable potara earrings.

Vegito Characteristics

Vegito embodies a fusion of Goku and Vegeta’s distinct personalities. He seamlessly integrates Goku’s lighthearted and carefree demeanor with Vegeta’s overconfident and proud traits. Clever and strategic, it adeptly manipulated Buu into absorbing him to safeguard his loved ones, revealing his intellect. Delighted in taunting adversaries, it revels in mockery.

When confronted by Fusion Zamasu, its demeanor shifts. Acutely aware of his fusion’s one-hour time constraint, it adopts a markedly more serious stance in the battle.

Vegito Techniques

  • Kamehameha: It can use the Kamehameha technique.
  • Spirit Sword: It harnesses his ki to forge a formidable energy sword. This spirit blade possesses remarkable potency, effortlessly piercing through various obstacles. In video games like Raging Blast and Budokai Tenkaichi 3, it deploys the Spirit Sword as a follow-up to its attacks against adversaries.
  • Final Kamehameha: This stands as Vegito’s ultimate technique. Vigorously amassing energy, it channels it into a potent beam, which he unleashes with force upon his adversary. This formidable move was employed against both Super Buu and Fusion Zamasu.
  • Saiyan Shield: It possesses the capability to generate a protective shield enveloping his physique. This shield boasts exceptional resilience, remaining impervious to the influence of Buu’s absorption substance.

Vegito Transformation

Super Saiyan

Vegito possesses the capacity to undergo a transformation into a Super Saiyan. In this state, his hair takes on a resplendent golden hue, while his eyes adopt an emerald green shade. His attire also experiences a subtle illumination, and he is enveloped by a radiant golden aura.

Notably, Old Kai unveils that assuming the Super Saiyan form prior to fusion would lead to a curtailed lifespan and physical stress, stemming from the substantial energy expenditure involved.

Super Saiyan Blue

Vegito harnesses the ability to undergo a metamorphosis into the Super Saiyan Blue form, a power inherited from Goku and Vegeta. Upon assuming this state, his hair takes on a striking azure hue, mirroring his now-blue eyes. Enveloped by a radiant blue aura, Vegito earns the moniker “Vegito Blue.”

Vegito Power

Before fusing, Old Kai assured Goku and Vegeta that they wouldn’t need the Super Saiyan form to defeat Super Buu. In the anime, Vegito proved superior to Super Buu, who had absorbed Ultimate Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo, even in his base form. 

Later, Vegito maximized his power, halting Super Buu’s attack formed from energy taken from the planets he had destroyed. Super Buu acknowledged that greater damage could have been inflicted if it had powered up earlier. Transforming into a Super Saiyan, further outclassed Super Buu, even countering his Vice Shout.

In the manga, Vegito immediately adopted the Super Saiyan form after fusing, effortlessly overpowering Super Buu. He held the ability to end the battle whenever he pleased.


Vegito stands as a testament to the potency of cooperation and the heights that can be reached when two powerful beings unite as one. His impact on the Dragon Ball series, both in terms of story and fandom, is immeasurable.

As we continue to explore the universe of Dragon Ball, Vegito’s legacy as the fusion warrior supreme will undoubtedly endure. Its fusion embodies the core values of teamwork and the incredible potential that can be unlocked when two individuals become one.

As we journey through the expansive Dragon Ball universe, Vegito’s legacy will continue to shine as a symbol of strength, unity, and the remarkable impact a single character can have.


Is Vegito stronger than Goku and Vegeta individually?

Yes, Vegito’s fusion results in a being with significantly greater power than Goku or Vegeta alone.

Can Vegito defuse after using the Potara earrings?

While the Potara fusion is initially permanent, Elder Kai can perform a ritual to separate the fused beings.

What is Vegito’s most famous attack?

Vegito’s Final Kamehameha, a combination of Goku’s Kamehameha and Vegeta’s Final Flash, is widely recognized and celebrated.

Has Vegito ever been defeated?

While Vegito is incredibly powerful, he has faced challenges that pushed him to his limits, showcasing the depth of his character.

What makes Vegito unique compared to other fusions?

Vegito’s fusion combines the best qualities of Goku and Vegeta, creating a character with unparalleled strength, combat skills, and a distinct personality.


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