UniCredit Bank, Serbia: A Perfect Solution for a Personal Account

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Serbia is a rapidly developing European country that is expected to join the European Union soon. It has made a great leap forward in recent years, which helped it attract major foreign investors and turn into a large business and banking hub. A tangible advantage is that you can get European-quality services at a price that is much lower than in Central European countries. This factor makes entrepreneurs and individuals flock here to get the best while the low prices are still there.

Can we say with 100% confidence that Serbia is the best banking destination you can choose? No, of course not. This is a good option overall, which may be excellent for some of you. However, the choice of a jurisdiction where you will get the most and the bank that will suit your needs is hard if you don’t know the market. You have to take into account different factors, including your current country of residence, banking requirements, the amount you are going to deposit, financial objectives, the bank’s reputation, customer feedback, and much more. Is there an easy way to make a choice?

Well, it exists! You can address our specialists to get expert advice on international banking and make sure you select the best of the best. The good news is that it’s free! You can click on the link to book a session, and we will charge nothing for analyzing your situation and shortlisting the best offers for you. And if you need help with opening a bank account abroad, we can provide assistance as well. Don’t waste your time struggling with the choice – entrust this to professionals!

UniCredit Bank: Overview

UniCredit Bank has branches in great western buildings lawsuit, Central, and Eastern Europe. It has been successfully using a transparent European commercial banking model that allows the institution to offer a range of services that fulfill the real requirements of present-day customers. In 2016, UniCredit Bank received the Bank of the Year in Serbia award provided by The Banker, a reputed financial magazine.

The bank’s retail division, as well as the corporate and investment sector, showed impressive growth last year, making it one of the leaders in the Serbian banking landscape. UniCredit Bank achieved these outstanding results by improving the efficiency of its business processes, stimulating customer satisfaction, creative risk management, and a focus on attracting more clients.

UniCredit Bank: Services for Individuals

Most clients need traditional high-quality banking services, and you will find all of them in UniCredit Bank (including a current account, a deposit account, debit and credit cards, and online banking solutions).

Selector Settlement Account

Here are the benefits of this kind of account:

  • The account opening procedure is easy and it will not take long
  • You can use cutting-edge banking products integrated into the account
  • The main package of services is reasonably priced
  • You can combine products and services upon your request

The main package includes the following items:

  • A current account in the local currency (RSD)
  • A current account in a foreign currency
  • A savings account
  • A fixed-term deposit account
  • Two debit cards (Maestro and Visa Electron)
  • Over-the-phone banking


If you need to quickly fix some sudden financial problems, you are allowed to overdraw your UniCredit Bank account. The amount that can be overdrawn is available on your account at any time. Overdraft comes at an interest accrued only during the days that you use the account.

There is also an opportunity to overdraw free of charge (no interest will be accrued in this case) – however, the amount should not exceed RSD 12,000.

Cards in UniCredit Bank

There are debit cards (Visa Electron, Visa Gold, and MasterCard Debit), as well as prepaid cards.

Credits for Individuals

Interested in a credit offered by the UniCredit Bank? Individuals are offered a loan with a variable or fixed interest rate and with insurance coverage available. You can also take advantage of the following credit cards as a quick solution:

  • DinaCard: the daily limit equals RSD 80,000, and the annual interest rate payable is 24%.
  • MasterCard Platinum: the daily limit equals RSD 480,000, and the annual interest rate payable is 22%.
  • Flexia MasterCard: the daily limit equals RSD 240,000, and the annual interest rate payable is 22%.

The Peculiarity of the Serbian Banking You Should Know About

It is safer to play if you know the rules of the game, and this is especially true when it comes to Serbian banking. The bank will need to make sure you are a reliable client, and this will require completing a few transactions successfully.

The first several transactions are very sensitive, and the bank employees are highly likely to get in touch with you and ask you questions about them. You need to be available on the phone for them in the first several weeks to provide all the required explanations within 24 hours (or you face the risk of the transaction freezing). Several frozen transactions may result in account closure (this is a rare procedure, though).

We know how inconvenient it may be for some of you to comply with these requirements. However, these are just the first hard steps, and you are unlikely to receive any questions about the movement of your funds later on. With that in mind, we offer a convenient service for our customers: when you open an account with UniCredit Bank, you specify our office in Belgrade as a point of contact. If they cannot reach you on the phone, they will call us, and we will provide the required explanations. Get in touch with our expert to discover the details.

Online Banking

UniCredit Bank provides an advanced online banking experience as it offers several digital solutions for your convenience called mBanking, mToken, and eBanking. The second one, mToken, has an interesting peculiarity: it can work offline, so it is indispensable in cases of bad Internet connection. If you need more information, our specialists will be glad to provide it to you.

Serbia is a good destination where you can open a bank account without much hassle (especially with the help of our local office). However, there are other opportunities that may be equally good! So if you have doubts, please get in touch with us using the above link!

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