Top 3 Veteran Challenges a Lawyer Can Help With

Veterans are symbols of patriotism, determination, and honor, putting their lives on the line in foreign countries to protect America and its values. Regrettably, veterans undergo numerous physical, emotional, and financial problems after returning from service, mainly attributed to their active duty. While VA strives to enhance the lives of these important figures through numerous programs and benefits, many are still unreached. Read on to learn three veteran challenges a veterans law lawyer can help with.

Service-Related Health Problems

Many veterans sustain injuries such as gunshot wounds, lost limbs, limited motion, and brain injuries in combat. Others have health complications due to noise and vibration from heavy weapons, explosions, aircraft, and rockets. As a result, they have hearing loss, numbness, tinnitus, and chronic back pain because of operating heavy equipment regularly.    

Veterans may be exposed to environmental hazards like chemicals, contaminated water, and infections, increasing the likelihood of health issues. For instance, many Gulf War veterans developed puzzling symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and muscle aches due to toxins exposure.

In addition, veterans have many mental health problems, such as PTSD, suicide, depression, substance abuse, and suicidal tendencies. Research shows that 6.2% of veterans, around 1.3 million people, were battling substance abuse in 2019. Trauma, injury, and family separation contribute to these problems.

Fortunately, a veteran disability lawyer can help veterans get compensation for injuries and conditions from active service. They assist with the claim process, from eligibility to application and follow-up. For instance, the lawyer advises on the application process and the documents needed. Veterans require proof of military service, medical records for documenting service-related injuries and conditions, and dependents’ information.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics affirms that 2.8% of veterans, approximately 250,000, are unemployed. The reasons for high unemployment rates among veterans include poor health, skills mismatch, employer discrimination, and certification gaps. Veterans may have service-connected injuries and conditions hindering their ability to work.

Veteran lawyers are invaluable in getting unemployment benefits. Their expertise and experience in veteran law positions them as avid representatives and negotiators for veterans. As long as you are discharged honorably, a lawyer can help you secure unemployment benefits using the Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Service Members program.

A lawyer can help you establish whether you qualify for other benefits besides unemployment benefits. For instance, if a service-related disorder affects your ability to secure or maintain a job, you may qualify for certain disability benefits. You may get Individual Unemployability which increases the benefits you attain. With a lawyer, you can navigate the complexities of such benefits for successful claims.

VA Disability Claims Denial

Many veterans contend with denied claims due to misinformation, wrong forms, missed deadlines, lack of medical evidence, and conditions unrelated to service. VA may deny a claim if the applicant has a pre-existing condition and does not prove that active service aggravated it.

Working with a reputable veteran lawyer is among the best ways to lower the chances of a denied claim. Also, a lawyer can help appeal a denied claim, so you get the compensation you need for service-related damages.

The lawyer understands the ins and outs of the VA claim process and positions your claim for success. They help you file the appropriate paperwork, gather the relevant evidence, and file the claim promptly. With a trained lawyer, you don’t have to bear the burden and frustration of working with the VA.  

Veterans are the epitome of sacrifice, loyalty, and courage and deserve the best of everything when they return from service. Unfortunately, this is barely the case, and most return home to a harsh world of stigmatization, myriad health conditions, unemployment, and denied claims. Luckily, reputable veteran lawyers can assist veterans in navigating these issues and receive the compensation they deserve for quality of life.

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