Tips To Help You Get the Most Out of Your Truck Accident Claim

Trucking companies play an enormous role in the supply chain by helping move heavy goods across the country. The only downside to having these vehicles on our roads is accidents. They result in the loss of thousands of lives and property damage.

A 2020 Arizona Department of Transportation research revealed that more than 10,700 trucks crashed. It includes concrete mixer trucks, tow trucks, truck tractors, and other combinations. Having a Fort Lauderdale truck accident lawyer will increase your chances of having a successful claim. Here is how to get the most out of your truck accident claim.

Find an Attorney

The most practical approach to getting the most out of your truck accident claim is finding a legal representative. Truck accident lawyers are more experienced with the legalities involved in filing and winning claims involving trucks. They’ll help collect evidence, file a claim and increase your winning chances.

An experienced attorney will take you through every step of the claim process. They’ll also help negotiate your compensation to ensure you don’t get lowballed by predatory insurance companies.

Document the Crime Scene

It’d be best to collect evidence after confirming everyone involved in the scene. Document the scene by filming and photographing your smartphone can do. Ensure you capture the damages and injuries suffered to build a stronger claim. Keeping accurate documents is essential to maintaining the integrity of your narrative.

Prove Negligence

Proving the other party’s negligence is critical to a successful truck accident claim. In most cases, the truck driver’s negligence. Liability can also fall on the trucking, truck manufacturer, shipping, and mechanics. However, you should expect the insurance company to dispute your claim.

Some drivers are reluctant to file a truck accident claim, especially if they are partially at fault. Your attorney will advise you on the best approach for your situation. In some states, you can file a claim provided you are below 50% at fault.

Connect Your Injuries to the Accident

It would help if you linked your injuries to the truck accident to build a stronger personal injury case. The best approach to link these events is by providing medical records. You can retrieve your medical history and show the injuries sustained after the accident.

If there were any pre existing issues, the insurance company might take advantage and try to bargain. Your medical history will prove the extent of the injuries and if you’ll require future medical attention.

Let Your Lawyer Speak

Truck accident lawyers know more about heavy vehicle accidents and how to handle these claims. After hiring an attorney, cut all communications with the other driver and their team. Allow your lawyer to speak for you to avoid weakening your case.

You are more likely to implicate yourself when talking to the other party’s legal team. Such actions are detrimental to your case and decrease your compensation significantly. Letting the lawyer talk also takes some pressure off, helping you relax and recover.

Know Your Claim’s Value

Knowing how much to expect from your truck accident case before filing would be wise. You’ll need to gather receipts, hospital records, and other itemized documents to calculate your claim’s value.

A legal representative will help with the calculations and provide a settlement figure. The insurance company can initiate negotiations, but a lawyer is your best bet for securing worthy compensation.

Hiring a lawyer increases your winning chances for your settlement case. Collect evidence at the crime scene if possible, which will come in handy when building your case. The tips mentioned in this article are sure to get the most out of your truck accident.

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