The Wolfcut Hairstyle Trend


Wolfcuts are choppy, with short layers around the face and longer locks in the back. Piecy bangs and feathered texture create an edgy, unkempt look. However, the diagonal layers still allow for movement. This adventurous hairstyle screams a freewheeling spirit.

The wolf hairstyle is a daring long-layered shag incorporating choppy layers and retro mullet vibes. This rebellious style is dominating trend lists. Read on for how to style the wolfcut and critical considerations.

Ideal For Thick Hair

The layered volume of a wolfcut works best on thick, full hair. Thinner hair risks looking stringy or overwhelmed. Thick, straight, wavy, or curly textures support the layers nicely.

Ask your stylist to assess your hair’s thickness and density to determine if a wolf cut will achieve the desired fullness. Those blessed with abundant locks will love this look.

Some stylists also recommend wolf cuts for thin hair and want more volume. But carefully cut layers are crucial to avoid flatness. Embrace textures.

Works On Medium And Long Hair

A wolf cut intentionally features shorter piece layers through longer back lengths. This pairs choppy ends with movement and versatility.

Talk with your hairstylist about the ideal overall length for your wolf cut. Medium to long locks – shoulder to mid-back length – provide the best canvas.

Very long hair reaching your lower back works, but the extreme layered volume can border on overwhelmingly. Carefully considered face-framing layers prevent this.

Achieving The Retro Look

Nostalgic 70s and 80s hairstyles inspire the wolf cut’s aesthetic. Choppy shags, glam rock layers, and bedhead texture produce the retro look.

Full feathered bangs grazing the eyes create shag appeal. Razored diagonal layers emulate the bold cuts of the era. Piecey ends evoke bygone bedheads.

Embrace the unfinished vibe with air-dried texture. Sea salt spray and texturizing balms boost the bedhead feel. Do not over-polish the wolf cut. Imperfection is ideal.

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Flattering Face Shapes

Wolf cuts complement oval, round, square, and heart face shapes best. Long-face shapes may be overwhelmed by the layers.

The framed face and fullness subtly diminish a round face’s softness. Heart and square shapes benefit from angled contouring around cheeks and jawline.

Oval faces suit the balance of piece layers and volume. Discuss the most flattering lengths with your stylist. Adapt the look to your features.

Styling Maintenance

Once initially cut, wolf-style hair requires minimal daily styling efforts. Work texturizing products through damp hair. Air drying enhances texture best.

Reactivate styles between washes with sea salt spray for a sultry, tousled texture. Rough up layers with hands for added grit. Avoid over-brushing the cut.

Get split ends and layers trimmed every 8-12 weeks to prevent overgrown heaviness. Book bang trims as needed so they graze the eyes.

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Volume And Body

A properly cut and styled wolf haircut should achieve enviable volume and body. Layers remove excess weight so hair appears fuller.

When blow drying, flip the head upside down. Dry roots while lifting hair for volume. Once dry, scrunch layers vigorously.

Volumizing mousse plumps up limper hair when applied to damp locks. Add a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to your haircare lineup, too.

Modern Punk Rock Vibes

There is an unapologetic punk sensibility to the wolf cut. The choppy shag layers and mullet length contrast embody an edgy style.

Yet the feathered texture and enhanced flow provide a modern softness compared to jagged punk cuts. The wolf cut offers the best of both worlds.

This daring cut empowers wearers to rebel against monotonous hairstyles. Express your bold spirit with the wolf’s alluring wildness. Break free of conformity.

Customizable Lengths

Another advantage of the layered wolf cut is adaptability. Your stylist can customize lengths in the back and front to suit your style.

Do you want exaggerated short face framing layers with extra long length in the back? Or a subtler transition of medium short to medium long? Personalize it.

Not into mullet vibes? Keep back length only slightly longer than chin layers. Get creative with your personalized wolf look.

Easy Maintenance

The wolf cut is designed to embrace hair’s natural texture. This makes daily styling and maintenance quite simple for busy lifestyles. Wake up and go – wolf cuts thrive on “day after” gritty texture.

Avoid over-styling. Finger style or scrunch layers into place. Skip heavy products.

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