The four most popular hatchbacks to get your hands on

prioritize efficiency above all else

With the height of practicality and style, the hatchback is becoming increasingly popular as buyers prioritize efficiency above all else. Designed with versatility in mind and boasting lots of space, hatchbacks provide a lot of practicality for a beautiful price.

Depending on how many people you need to accommodate in your car, this will influence the hatchback model you go for. Medium hatches work well for families, and bigger models suit those who need to transport a lot. Whatever size you’re after, some models never disappoint. And here are just a few of them!

Volkswagen Golf

There’s a reason that Volkswagen translates to ‘people’s car’ – because it’s so versatile and suits a plethora of car-related needs. It’s reached its eighth iteration and, with time, has shown how it can adapt to changing customer priorities and the evolution of the automotive industry in general.

The car itself is, technically speaking, imposing. In-built solutions like the ‘Innovision’ cockpit, voice-controlled Alexa, and black panel switches make this model easy for the eye.

Ford Focus

Ford is mighty impressed with its fourth-generation car. Proudly named the best car they’ve ever launched, the Ford Focus is light and functional with touchscreen capabilities and thoughtful ergonomics that make this car a strong contender.

Before buying, buyers should be aware that only the more powerful versions of the Ford Focus have the control-blade multi-link rear suspension, while the CCD adaptive effectively ruins part of the ride. However, it is a nifty little car that does everything you need a hatchback to do.

Audi A1

With its rather luxurious reputation, Audi has now released a car with everyday practicalities in mind. Built efficiently in a smaller size, this model is compact and easily maneuverable, making it a very posh small car that those with expensive taste can get behind.

As well as various petrol-powered engines, you can make the model more sturdy and safer in slippery conditions with Audi A1 tires specially designed to take on tricky surfaces.

Vauxhall Astra

Their latest hatchback model must be one of the best from this trusty manufacturer. Available to buy all-electric, petrol, diesel, or hybrid solutions, the eighth-generation Vauxhall Astra is very much in keeping with the times and has allowed customers to customize their motors precisely as they see fit.

Of course, its appearance is where the Astra shines; instantly recognizable thanks to its angular look, this motor attracts plenty of second glances. The inside is as elegant as you can imagine, making this generation Astra a pleasure to drive.

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