The Business Side of Celebrity Fashion Brands

Celeb Fashion Brands

Celebrity fashion businesses are dominating the digital market nowadays. Celebrity-inspired products, such as the Kardashians, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Kanye West’s Yeezy footwear, and so on, cannot be overlooked online. They have enormous power and can drive trends and influence customer brand choices. 

Some celebrities began as brand ambassadors, such as Lexi Luna, who has amassed a significant internet following and attracted famous lingerie brands. Also, celebrities Beyoncé, Khloé Kardashian, and Reese Witherspoon have launched their fashion lines and emerged as entrepreneurs. According to Hot News, this implies that they have more power and influence over customer decisions, fashion trends, and cultural conversations than previously. Their brands are sweeping the market and have acquired popularity in the inner world. 

Celebrity News claimed that these celebrities are the most popular trendsetters on social media, who create personalized touches, novel ideas, and superior products on the market. Below are the top celebrities who nailed the market world and made their brands.


She is a well-known music singer and actress who has succeeded as an entrepreneur with her brand. Rihanna debuted her Fenty Beauty line in 2017, which included 40 foundation hues, and quickly became the main topic of Hot News and other Celebrity News networks. 

The following year, the composer established the inclusive Savagex Fenty lingerie brand, a collaboration with TechStyles Fashion Group that offers underwear for all body kinds. She also expanded her brand with the Savage x Fenty Volume 3 Men’s Basic, which was added to the collection in 2020. 

Rihanna’s brands skyrocketed due to her ability to influence customers’ purchasing experiences and choices, and she is now one of the wealthiest celebrity entrepreneurs, with an anticipated net worth of 1.4 billion USD by 2024. 


Beyoncé Knowles-Carter began her entrepreneurial journey in 2016 by introducing her sportswear brand Ivy Park, an outgrowth of her Parkwood Entertainment company. This singer purchased all of the shares and now owns the firm.  

According to Hot News, Beyonce signed with Adidas and will release her debut collection in 2020. The following year, Ivy Park x Adidas introduced its fifth edition, “Halls of Ivy.” Her first Peloton gear and footwear collection emerged in the same year and month. 

Her tremendous influence as a famous singer and brand ambassador has expanded her business, with a net worth of $800 million by 2023.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West, who began as a friend and stylist for Paris Hilton, made waves in the fashion world with her shapewear and brand skims in 2019 and continues to do so. In April, this businesswoman created a pop-up shop with plans to open a regular store in 2022. 

Kim nailed the market world with her power and stunning attractiveness, as the first batch of her Skims in 2019 sold out in minutes, producing approximately $2 million in profit. In June of the same year, the Skims brand released underwear for the United States squad for the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. 

Her influence has propelled her brands to new heights, resulting in traction on social media platforms and a projected net worth of 1.7 billion USD as of 2022.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, a fashion fanatic and one of the Kardashians, has dominated the apparel and cosmetics world. She caused a stir in the fashion industry when she launched her swimwear line, Kylie Swim, in 2021. Her Instagram account skyrocketed, gaining nearly 1 million followers in months and selling out several items quickly. 

As per Celebrity News channel, Kendall + Kylie is a fashion line founded by Kylie and her sister Kendall. She launched Kylie Cosmetics in 2015 and Kylie Skin in 2019 to expand her fashion brand portfolio. 

In addition, she negotiated a contract with Coty Inc., which paid $600 million for a 51% ownership in the beauty brand, with cosmetics owning the remaining $1.2 billion. Coty revamped the brand, offering vegan formulas and new packaging. With success and the right strategy, Klylie’s net worth is nearly $700 million in 2023.

Kanye West

The sole guy on our list is the rapper and Kardashian West’s husband, who has recently made headlines in the fashion sector. West began teaming with Louis Vuitton and Nike in early 2015 to release footwear and create streetwear. He subsequently collaborated with Adidas for Yeezy Season 1, which propelled his fashion career. 

The West’s sneakers made thousands of dollars and launched the Kardashian West looks, which multiple fashion firms resell. According to Celebrity News, West stated at the event in New York that she owned 100 percent of Yeezy, but Adidas did not confirm. 

West footwear made news on the Hot News website, hitting the footwear fashion business and generating a predicted net worth of $400 million by 2023.

Reese Witherspoon

As reported by Celebrity News, Witherspoon is one of the well-known celebrities who owns a lifestyle brand that has gained traction in the fashion business. In 2015, the actress created her lifestyle brand, Draper James. In 2020, the brand collaborated with Lands’ End on a women’s swimwear collection, and in 2022, the two companies expanded into loungewear, home products, sleepwear, and pet products. It enhanced Witherspoon’s business and generated fascination in Hot News business portals. 

In October 2022, the Draper James brand announced a partnership with the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville to create a new staff outfit. 

The brand has four physical stores in Kentucky: Atlanta, Nashville, Lexington, and Houston. It also has an e-commerce store, which sells a wide range of products online. Witherspoon is regarded as one of today’s wealthiest actresses, with an estimated net worth of $440 million in 2023.

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