Step-by-step guide on how to buy a property in Malta

property in Malta

Malta is a beautiful country that keeps attracting several investors annually. One of the significant areas of interest for most investors is the real estate sector. The real estate market in Malta is striving because tourists troop in during the summer, and they want the best places to stay. You can tap into the booming Malta real estate market.

Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to acquire a property in Malta. Acquiring a property in Malta is not tedious and here is our professional guide. Read and learn the step-by-step guide to buying a property in Malta.

Hire a notary public

Hiring a notary public should be your first move to acquiring a property in Malta. The notary will help you search the registry for properties that are available for sale. Also, the notary public will provide ideas on buying properties in Malta more cheaply and the legal requirements. Therefore, hire a notary public in Malta and start your journey to owning a property there.

Why You Need a Notary Public

  • A Notary Public plays a crucial role in acquiring real estate property by ensuring the legality and authenticity of the documents involved in the transaction.
  • They verify the identity of the parties, witness the signing of important documents such as the deed of sale, and apply their official seal to certify that the documents are correctly executed.
  • Notaries may also ensure that the parties involved understand the contents of the documents they are signing. In some jurisdictions, notaries are engaged in the preparation of certain legal documents related to the property transaction. They may also facilitate the registration of the deed to transfer ownership of the property legally.
  • Their involvement adds a layer of legal protection and helps prevent fraud in real estate transactions.

Obtain a promise for sale

The next step to acquiring a property in Malta is to obtain a promise for sale. The promise for purchase is obtained when you have found a property you like and want to buy. The notary public can help you get the promise for sale and deposit a fee. The deposit fee for each property varies.

A promise for sale, often known as a “purchase agreement” or “sale agreement” in real estate, is a legally binding contract between a seller and a buyer. This contract outlines the terms and conditions under which the sale of the property will occur at a future date.

It typically includes details such as the agreed-upon price, the property description, the sale timeline, and any conditions that must be met before the final transaction occurs. This agreement secures the buyer’s intent to purchase and the seller’s intent to sell the property, often accompanied by a deposit from the buyer as a sign of commitment.

Make sure the property has a legal title

Buying a property that doesn’t have a legal title makes the sale null and void. Ensure that the property is duly registered at the registry. Encourage the notary public to ensure your preferred property has a legal title. This will protect your interest and reduce the chances of having any issues with the law.

  • An explicit title guarantees there are no outstanding claims, liens, or legal disputes that could challenge your ownership or result in financial liabilities in the future.
  • It also ensures a smooth transfer of ownership rights to you, providing legal protection and peace of mind.
  • Verifying the title helps avoid complications, potential legal battles, or financial losses, making it a vital step in any property transaction.
  • Finally, ensuring a property has a legal title is crucial because it confirms the seller’s legal ownership and the property’s right to sell.

Make payment

After all these steps, it is time to make payment. Depending on the town in Malta, you will be given a certain amount of time to pay after the deposit fee. If payment

is not made within a specific time, the property can be resold to another interested party. Therefore, gather your finances before you start buying a property in Malta.

Sign the property transfer agreement

Signing a transfer agreement is essential to owning a property in Malta. The transfer document contains the terms and conditions of the previous owner and yourself. Meanwhile, you may need the services of a notary legal practitioner to help you with the transfer document. After signing the transfer documents, you will be given the keys to the apartment.

Clear the taxes

After payment and signing the transfer document, you need to clear taxes. If you are unfamiliar with real estate taxes in Malta, contact a property management Malta company for their specialty.

Clearing taxes after purchasing real estate is essential to avoid legal issues and ensure clear ownership. Unpaid property taxes can lead to liens on the property, which are legal claims against it for the unpaid amounts. If taxes remain unpaid, the government has the right to foreclose on the property to recover the owed taxes, potentially leading to the loss of the property.

Clear tax records are also necessary for future transactions, such as selling or refinancing the property. Ensuring taxes are up to date maintains the property’s legal standing and secures your investment.


The best part of buying a property in Malta is that you will enjoy huge returns. The returns from purchasing a property in Malta are high because more and more investors are realizing the benefits and potential of the real estate market. After buying a property, many people list their properties for short and long-term rentals. Shortzzz is one of the best platforms for this.

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