Simple Tricks to Hide Thinning Hair at the Crown


If you’ve got fine or thin hair, you already know the perks—like how quickly you can go from wet to wonderfully styled hair, faster than you can finish an episode of your favorite sitcom. But when you’re daydreaming about having that big, bold hair, those thinner strands might feel like they’re getting in the way.

Don’t worry, though. There are many neat tricks to fluff up your hair and make it look like you have more than you do. We’ve picked up some top tips from hairstylists to the stars, Min Kim and Justine Marjan, and thrown in a few of our favorites. 

1. Go for a Chop

Kate Ross, Hair Specialist at Irresistible Me, says if your hair’s longer, it might lay flat and lifeless. But go a bit shorter? Suddenly, it’s all about that bounce. “Think pixies, bobs, or any cut that keeps things above the shoulders,” she suggests. 

2. Be Wise with Your Length

Kate warns against letting your hair get too long and draggy, especially if it’s all one length. But don’t fret; you can still flaunt long hair with some clever extensions or keratin tips.

3. Extensions: Not Just for Length

Do you think extensions are just for Rapunzel-wannabes? Think again. Adding shortcuts for more density and a sharper edge will tailor the look to suit your style and hair type.

Clip in hair extensions aren’t just for adding length; they can also add volume right where you need it. You can clip them underneath your natural hair at the crown to provide a fuller appearance. The key is to ensure they’re well-blended with your natural hair so the look is seamless.

4. Layers: Handle with Care

Layers can add life and movement to your hair, making it seem fuller. But too much layering? That can backfire. Go for light, face-framing layers rather than chopping in all over.

5. Color Tricks

Playing with highlights, lowlights, or a balayage can give your hair an illusion of depth and fullness. We love how color can trick the eye into seeing more hair than there is.

6. Pick the Right Wash and Care

Look for shampoos and conditioners that promise volume and thickness. Heavy, moisturizing products? They’re a no-go as they can leave your hair flat and greasy-looking.

7. Wash Wisely

If you’ve got fine hair, hitting the shampoo every other day is your best bet to avoid a limp look. And remember, conditioner is just for the ends to keep the roots perky and volumized.

8. Styling Products That Lift

Kate’s a fan of lightweight mousses, sprays, and anything that boosts your roots without dragging them down.

Hair toppers for women are specifically designed to add volume to the crown and are perfect for hiding thinning areas. They clip into your natural hair and can be styled like your own. Hair toppers come in various sizes, colors, and styles, making it easy to find one that blends perfectly with your hair.

9. Mousse: Not Just a Retro Thing

Forget the sticky, crunchy mousse of the past. Today’s formulas are all about giving your hair shine, fighting off frizz, and even protecting it from heat while pumping up the volume.

So there you have it, straight from the pros plus a few extra tidbits: your guide to making fine or thin hair look like it’s got more oomph than ever. With the proper cut, color, and care, you’re well on your way to hair that’s not just bigger but bolder and more beautiful.

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