Should You Be Using a Free VPN for Streaming?

Streaming content has become easier, and as it gets easier, we can tap and watch content from around the world. However, the platform’s firewall is the only thing that stands guard between us and content from another country.

There are many amazing shows and movies on various platforms like Hulu, Disney Plus, ViutTV, and more. We have a few options when bypassing firewalls to watch shows and movies. However, the most convenient one is using a VPN.

A VPN is the most user-friendly and successful way to bypass firewalls. But first, when we talk about streaming, the most important question is, Why do we need a VPN?

A VPN assigns you an IP address that ensures your location is kept concealed, and thus you can bypass the firewall.

When streaming content from a geo-locked website, you must use a tool to access the site’s content. A few things to consider are that when streaming, you need to ensure that the VPn you are using will not kill your streaming speed and that it won’t keep buffering.

While Free VPNs are tempting, and many people prefer a free service, the real question is, should you even be using a Free VPn for streaming?

Well, we have collected some data for you to make your pick.

Unreliable and Logs Data.

Free VPNs are services. As the saying goes, when something is free, you are the product. Unfortunately, they are unreliable, and they can not be trusted. Unlike many online tools against a paid subscription, Free VPNs can log your data by tracing your online activity. You can use VPN to unblock Kayo Sports in UK.

Most streaming site requires you to put in your data and credit card details.

Do you want to risk your data?

This unasked-for and non-consensual tracking log save your sensitive information. We then can’t be sure if they are using our Data for good or bad; worst case scenario, They can use t for cybercrime and theft. So they are ending you in a difficult position.

Thus, we say Free VPNs are unreliable and can not be trusted with information as sensitive as credit card details and information like name and address.

Malware —is a taken with Free VPNs.

According to statistics, 38% of free VPNs carry Malware that can affect and destroy your device and threaten your safety. Despite the multiple features that assure you security and safety when streaming with a free VPN, your odds of being infected with a computer virus are more than ⅓ of the time.

Since they have millions of downloads and numerous low-quality servers, they tend to lack the security end of their tool. While they are free and seem harmless, the percentage is even higher if you use your mobile phone for streaming. With almost 18 million devices were affected by Malware in 2018 only. With skyrocketing odds that are only increasing every year, we suggest you dodge a bullet with a free VPN.

Therefore, using a free VPN tool only ensures a guaranteed risky streaming experience, not just Malware. Even Trojan and Kaspersky are viruses that infest your streaming sessions.

The Ads that interrupt

If there is something that can kill your streaming buzz, it’s unsolicited and aggressive advertisements. Whether you have free a paid subscription or a free one, the VPN tool you use will determine the amount of interruption you will run into.

Secretly plug an ad-serving tracker into your browser, thus the annoying pop-ups. In the past, privacy violation allegations have taken several tools like Free VPNs to court as they serve ads that can veer into dangerous territories.

With everything said, you dont need pop-ups, ad-lags, and most probably credit card frauds weighing your streaming experience down the ditch. But this is not all. The worst when using a Free VPN is yet to come,

They Buffering buffering and only buffer.

The biggest and most important reason we dont suggest anyone chooses a Free vPn to stream is the interruptive buffering. While many VPNs have been called out for selling your bandwidth and killing your internet surfing speed, most Free VPN Services dont provide enough secure and safe servers for streaming.

A VPN must have several servers in one particular region to ensure seamless streaming. If you have fortunately gotten the hang of a secure and safe free VPN ( which is very rare), you will find yourself stuck at a certain crossroad called overwhelming traffic. When many people connect to the same server, it ends up having the server push out users to function properly.

So exactly what should you do? The easiest solution is to pick a VPN with a secure and reliable set of servers. While there are many streaming sites, the most popular ones are from the US. So try and subscribe to a premium VPN. If you desire more VPNs on, choosing the best one which one to pick, head to and read out the latest blog.

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