Short Haircuts For Men


Short haircuts for men offer guys low-maintenance styling, perfect for busy men on the go. The cropped cuts also showcase masculine jawlines and highlight the textures of thick, curly hair types that can look bulky when left longer.

Read on for outstanding inspiration on short haircuts for men.

Textured Crop

One of the most popular short haircuts for men, the textured crop features chopped layers on top styled tall. Short sides remove bulk, perfect for augmenting volume and flow. It’s great for curly or oily hair types wanting length without density.

Crew Cut

A classic crew cut features hair trimmed to one uniform short length all over the head using clippers. This military style works well with straight hair that lies flat or to reset naturally wavy guys back to square one before growing out to the following style.

Ivy League

An Ivy League cut features slightly longer lengths on top, styled tall away from foreheads, revealing a curving side profile silhouette. Sides taper shorter, blending effortlessly into minimal length and neatly trimmed across a naturally low nape line in the back.


Ready to reset? Ask your barber for a buzzcut with clippers fitted with a simple #2 guard comb, leaving the hair-cropped uniform short for a masculine edge that still looks kept.

Fade Haircut

Amp up short cut dimension with a fade haircut featuring hair tapered from zero no hair at nape perimeters to slightly longer lengths on top. Fades remove bulk that can accentuate curls and waves as strands shorten.

Flat Top

Flat-top haircuts feature hair clipped bluntly to stand tall like a tabletop plateau wafting wider as height increases from foreheads back towards the crown. It works best on straight, dense hair textures and pairs well with fades.

Comb Over Fade

Sweep longer top layers sideways up and over natural part lines to the sides, contrasting with fade work, removing bulk down to the scalp at temples and nape perimeters. Faded edges keep sides ultra neat, allowing fuller hair on top to cascade over cleanly like curtains.

Hard Side Part

Direct all hair sharply over to one side with a firm hold pomade for added polish and sophistication. Create clean sections using the tip of a comb and brush hair deliberately into place. Fingerstyle any flyaway pieces into the part line tightly.

Shape Up Haircut

This fresh look features precise hairlines etched into place by barbers around temples, edges, and napes. Crisply carved corners and curves contour heads for added edge. Pair shaped-up cuts with fades and line-ups for extra sharpness.

Side Part + Hard Part

Combine vintage glam side parts with a modern edge by shaving a visible hard part line after hair has been side swept to the opposite direction for added definition. Pomade boosts sleekness and is polished enough for formal occasions.

Slicked Back Undercut

Fan all hair across foreheads dramatically off the face using a strong hold pomade anchoring strands far away from features. Drop remaining undercut bulk along sides and lower back down close to the scalp for added edge. Fingerstyle ends

Brush Cut

Conservatively short brush cuts gently graduate strands longer on top styled using boar bristle brushes to sweep tidily off foreheads in gentle waves. Subtle side part variations brush distinct yet soft diagonal lines across crown peaks.

Brushed Forward

Flip longer top strands forward instead of off foreheads to playfully reveal asymmetrical natural growth patterns. Messy side swept bangs let ends fall loosely for contrast against tighter tapered sides cropped close around ears and napes.

Bald Fade

One popular fade haircut technique features hair clipped incredibly short with guards or shavers to create a bald look around the temples, neck, and ears. According to MensHaircuts, crisp lines etched into fade transitions surrounding perimeters boost edge and sharpness.

High Bald Fade

A high bald fade tapers hair down to the skin instantly before fading up into longer lengths on top, resulting in a high contrast disconnect paired with cropped cuts. Evenness is essential for a clean finish since unevenness is exposed quickly.

Temp Fade

Lower fade beginnings subtly along the temples instead of way up high towards the forehead for a more conservative definition.

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