Renting a car in Ukraine: what caused the growth in popularity of car rental services


Car rental services are becoming increasingly popular every year – today, renting a car in Ukraine is as simple and affordable as calling a taxi.

The car rental market is actively developing; old companies are expanding, new ones are opening, and the car rental industry covers large cities and small settlements.

The car rental company Car Rent UA shares observations regarding the reasons for the growing popularity of car rental services in Ukraine.

Renting a car in Ukraine is simple, convenient, and reliable.

If earlier, the car rental service was mainly focused on the wealthy segment of the population and business, today, absolutely everyone can afford to rent a car in Ukraine.

The high demand for rental cars appeared during the spread of COVID-19 when circumstances forced people to maximum isolation.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, renting a car became the only possibility to quickly get their families out of the environment for those without a vehicle.

Therefore, the adverse external circumstances became an impetus for many Ukrainians to use car rental services for the first time.

Car Rent UA clients note the following advantages of car rental.

  1. Convenience. You need a car for one day or a month – you can rent it in minutes and then go about your business or go on a trip.
  2. Availability. Car rental in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine is inexpensive and accessible to everyone. For those who want to save money, Car Rent UA offers a large selection of economy-class cars.
  3. Reliability. The car for rent is provided based on a contract between the client and the company. All rental conditions, prices, and terms are written. In addition, cars from the Car Rent UA fleet are regularly inspected and insured.
  4. Comfort. Moving around the city by car is much more comfortable than public transport. And if we are talking about a long trip or a trip with children, renting a car is the best solution if you need your transport.
  5. Uniqueness. When a car is needed for specific purposes, for example, for a spectacular photo shoot, for a trip of the newlyweds on their wedding day, for filming a video clip, or for a business meeting, the actual car may not be suitable in many respects. Renting a spectacular Jaguar, a status Mercedes, or a premium-class Audi for a few days will help solve the necessary problems without significant financial investments.
  6. Simplicity. You can rent a car at Car Rent UA quite quickly. Drawing up a contract and issuing a car takes about 30 minutes for regular customers and up to 2 hours for new ones.

It is also worth noting that at Car Rent UA, you can rent a car cheaply through various promotions that the company regularly conducts for its customers.

Car rental – unlimited possibilities

The reasons for renting a car are very different. Cars are most often rented for:

  • daily trips to solve household tasks;
  • business trips, including business trips;
  • travel during the vacation period;
  • rent a car for traveling abroad;
  • for weddings, parties, and solemn events;
  • for the transfer of guests from the station or airport;
  • for business meetings and events;
  • for moving, etc.

In addition, it is very convenient to rent a car for professional photo shoots, creating content for social networks, and video shooting.

At Car Rent UA, you can order a car rental for any period and solve any problems!

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