Ultimate Guide to Motorhome Features for UK Camping

The allure of the open road, the freedom to roam and the thrill of adventure: there’s nothing quite like UK camping in a motorhome. As camping styles evolve, so do motorhome features. Ensuring the best features for a comfortable and memorable UK camping trip requires attention to detail. In this guide, we dive deep into the world of motorhome features to equip you for the perfect journey. Motorhomes, often seen as the ultimate travel companion for campers, come with an array of features. Understanding these features and their significance can greatly enhance the camping experience, especially in the diverse terrains and climates of the UK.

What Type of Motorhome is Best for UK Camping?

The UK offers a plethora of camping destinations. From the Scottish Highlands to the Cornwall coast, each location might require different motorhome specifications. Before delving into specific features, it’s paramount to understand the different types of motorhomes for sale and how they cater to varied camping needs. Shortly, we’ll be comparing these types. But first, let’s break down each one:


Compact and versatile, campervans are perfect for couples or solo travelers. These vehicles typically have basic amenities but prioritize mobility, making them suitable for city breaks or short weekend getaways.

Coachbuilt Motorhomes

These are larger than campervans and built on a van chassis. With added space, they often come with more luxurious features, making them ideal for families or groups seeking a more comfortable experience.

A-Class Motorhomes

A-Class motorhomes for sale are the epitome of luxury. Built from the ground up (not on a pre-existing chassis), they often boast spacious interiors and top-of-the-range amenities. They are perfect for those who wish to travel in style.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers

Unique in design, these trailers attach to the bed of a pickup truck. They offer a blend of space and luxury, but do require a suitable vehicle for towing.

Trailer Tents

For those who love camping but desire a bit more comfort than a traditional tent, trailer tents are the answer. They offer mobility combined with basic motorhome features. Comparing Motorhome Types: Campervans: Compact, mobile, ideal for short trips. Coachbuilt Motorhomes: Spacious, luxurious, perfect for longer stays. A-Class Motorhomes: Ultimate luxury, expansive features. Fifth-Wheel Trailers: Requires towing, a mix of space and luxury. Trailer Tents: Blend of traditional camping and motorhome features.

Motorhome Size and Layout

The size and layout of a motorhome play a crucial role in determining the overall comfort and usability of the vehicle. Especially in the varied terrains of the UK, the choice of motorhome size can make a significant difference. Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with family, here are some considerations to keep in mind: Size vs. Mobility: Larger motorhomes offer more amenities but may be challenging to navigate on narrow roads or in congested areas. Fixed vs. Adjustable Layout: Some motorhomes come with a fixed layout, while others offer the flexibility to change the setting based on your needs. Storage Space: Depending on the duration of your trip, ensure the motorhome has ample storage for all your belongings.

Sleeping Arrangements

After a long day of exploring, having a comfortable place to rest is essential. The type of sleeping arrangement in your motorhome can significantly impact the quality of your sleep.

Fixed Beds

These are permanently situated within the motorhome and offer the comfort of a regular bed. Ideal for those who prioritize a good night’s sleep.

Fold-Down Beds

Space-saving and efficient, fold-down beds can be stowed away during the day and provide flexibility in the motorhome’s layout.

Dinette Conversions

Dinette areas that convert into beds offer dual functionality, making them perfect for motorhomes with limited space.

Overhead Cab Beds

Situated above the driver’s cab, these beds maximize space usage and are particularly popular in family motorhomes. Popular Sleeping Options: Fixed Beds: Ultimate comfort, ideal for longer trips. Fold-Down Beds: Space-saving, flexible layout. Dinette Conversions: Dual-function, space-efficient. Overhead Cab Beds: Great for families, utilizes vertical space.

Kitchen Facilities

One of the charms of motorhome camping is the ability to cook your meals, especially when surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of the UK. The kitchen’s efficiency can make or break the camping experience. Before we list the essentials, let’s understand the significance of a well-equipped kitchen: An efficient kitchen reduces dependency on outside food, allowing for spontaneous changes in travel plans. It’s also economical and ensures dietary needs are met. Must-have Kitchen Amenities: Compact Refrigerator: Essential for storing perishables and beverages. Multi-burner Gas Stove: For preparing a variety of dishes. Sink with Running Water: Vital for cooking and cleaning. Microwave Oven: Useful for quick meals and reheating. Storage Cabinets: For storing utensils, ingredients, and crockery.

Bathroom Facilities

While on the road, having a convenient and functional bathroom is paramount. The UK’s unpredictable weather makes indoor bathroom facilities particularly significant. Let’s dive into the crucial aspects of motorhome bathrooms: Privacy, hygiene, and convenience are the main advantages. Especially in remote areas or during peak camping seasons when public facilities are crowded, having your own bathroom is a blessing. Bathroom Essentials: Flushable Toilet: For hygiene and convenience. Shower Cubicle: Preferably with both hot and cold water. Sink with Vanity: Useful for daily routines. Ventilation: To keep the space fresh and moisture-free.

Heating and Insulation

UK’s climate is known for its unpredictability. Whether you’re camping during the chilly highland winters or the mild summers, proper heating and insulation in a motorhome ensure comfort. Key Heating and Insulation Options: Gas/Electric Heater: Provides instant warmth. Thermal Screens: For windows, to prevent heat loss. Floor Insulation: Keeps the cold at bay. Roof Vents: Helps in maintaining an even temperature.

Water and Waste Management

Effective water and waste management is the backbone of any extended motorhome trip. Proper systems ensure hygiene, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the overall camping experience.

Fresh Water Tanks

These tanks store potable water. It’s essential to have a sizeable tank depending on the length of the trip and the number of occupants.

Waste Tanks

Separate tanks for grey water (from sinks and showers) and black water (from toilets) are vital. They should be easy to empty and clean.

Toilets and Showers

Eco-friendly toilets, which use less water, and water-efficient showers, are ideal choices for sustainable travel. Water and Waste Solutions: Water Filter Systems: Ensures safe drinking water. Regularly Cleaned Tanks: Prevents buildup and odours. Eco-friendly Detergents: Reduces environmental impact.

Power Sources

A motorhome is a blend of a vehicle and a home. Efficient power sources ensure all home comforts are available even in the most remote locations. Power Options: Solar Panels: Sustainable and efficient for basic needs. Generator: Offers a consistent power supply. Hook-up Facilities: Available at many UK camping sites.

Entertainment and Connectivity

While the allure of the UK’s countryside can be intoxicating, there are times during your camping journey when you might seek the comforts and entertainment options of home. With the advancement in technology, staying connected even in remote areas has become easier. Why are these features important? They offer a break after a long day of activities and keep you connected to the outside world, ensuring safety and convenience. Entertainment and Connectivity Options: Satellite Television: Stay updated with news or enjoy a movie night. WiFi Boosters: Enhances signal strength in remote areas. Integrated Music Systems: For those impromptu dance sessions or serene evenings. Charging Stations: Vital to keep devices powered.

Safety and Security Features

A motorhome is both a vehicle and a living space, and ensuring its safety is crucial for a stress-free camping experience in the UK. Here’s why it matters: Beyond the obvious need for personal safety, secure motorhomes deter potential thefts and reduce insurance premiums. Safety and Security Measures: Alarm Systems: Alerts in case of a breach. Steering Locks: Deters theft of the motorhome. Safety Vaults: For storing valuables. Fire Extinguishers & Smoke Alarms: Crucial for fire safety. First-Aid Kits: Prepares you for minor medical emergencies.

Storage Solutions

When you’re on the road, every inch of space matters. Ample storage ensures a clutter-free and organized living space, enhancing the overall camping experience. The essence of good storage: It maximizes space, ensures essential items are within reach, and protects belongings during travel. Storage Ideas and Solutions: Underseat Storage: Utilizes otherwise wasted space. Roof Racks: For bulky items or equipment. Collapsible Furniture: Saves space when not in use. Wall-mounted Hooks & Nets: For daily-use items.

Budget Considerations

Choosing the right motorhome features while adhering to a budget can be a balancing act. However, being informed can lead to cost-effective decisions without compromising the experience. Here’s a perspective: Investing wisely in essential features can enhance the motorhome’s resale value and reduce maintenance costs in the long run. Cost-saving Tips: Prioritize Needs over Wants: Focus on essential features. Buy During Off-season: Dealers might offer discounts. Consider Second-hand Options: They can offer value for money. DIY Solutions: Custom solutions might be cheaper than pre-built ones.


Embarking on a motorhome adventure in the UK is an exhilarating experience, filled with picturesque landscapes, historical sites, and the freedom of the open road. By equipping your motorhome with the right features tailored to your needs, you not only ensure comfort and safety but also elevate the entire camping experience. From understanding the types of motorhomes to delving into specific amenities, this guide aims to assist potential campers in making informed decisions. After all, the journey is as significant as the destination, and a well-equipped motorhome is the first step towards a memorable UK camping adventure.

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