Is It Possible to File a Lawsuit Following a Car Accident If I Sustained No Injuries?

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Do you know the aftermath of accidents? If the answer is No, you have come to the right place. Accidents can be daunting. They can cause not only several physical injuries but also mental health disturbances. If you were involved in a car accident, where you have not received any physical injuries but are mentally disturbed due to the accident, you can sue the driver. Most people do not take mental health as seriously as physical health, but this is a severe problem that should be addressed.

One must consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist after a car crash to know if they are doing fine. Most people do not know that they are going through a mental health trauma until a psychologist addresses it. Sometimes, mental health disturbances are apparent, as the person wants to be alone for a longer duration, they don’t feel like eating or talking, and their sleep patterns are also disturbed. If one or more such symptoms appear, you should immediately get counseling and therapies from a professional psychologist. They will get the treatment plan according to the conditions that you are showing.

In this article, we will discuss whether to sue after a car accident if one is not hurt or not:

Loss of Income Claims:

If the car crash caused even short-term disability that prevented earning income, it may also encompass loss of income claims such as missed paychecks or other employment earnings opportunities. Afterward, the accident might mess with your career.

To pursue a loss of income claim:

Document your income loss:

Take note of your schedules, pay slips, or any other document to show what your income loss was brought about by the accident.

Consult a medical professional:

If you felt physically uncomfortable or emotionally disturbed in a way that kept you from working, get examined by a physician and secure documents on your condition.

Notify the at-fault party’s insurance:

Notify the insurance company representing the at-fault party about the lost income and provide supporting documents for your damages.

In addition, the losses related to failed appointments and potential jobs refused are included in the loss of income claim. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the services of a competent lawyer specializing in such claims to assist with the filing process to enable you to get the reimbursement you deserve.

Emotional Distress Claims:

These include what is known as emotional distress claims wherein you suffered psychological or emotional distress due to the car accident, notwithstanding any physical injuries. Having such witness or engaged experience to trauma can lead to long-term mental health problems.

To pursue an emotional distress claim:

Seek medical evaluation:

Talk to a psychiatrist who will evaluate your trauma and report your emotional stress after the occurrence of the incident.

Document the impact:

Maintain records of any emotional or mental challenges you have faced since the car crash by keeping a journal or diary. Such documentation could help support your claims.

Notify the at-fault party’s insurance:

Inform the at-fault party’s insurer about your emotional distress claim, and submit copies of the relevant report and evidence from your mental health professionals.

Proof of emotional distress claims are difficult because it should be shown that the accident led to significant emotional pain. It is essential to consult a competent lawyer about emotional distress claims if you want to be pretty compensated against such injury.

Wrongful Death Claims:

The worst sort of car accident claim is what is referred to as wrongful death, where a family member or a loved one dies. If the incident led to the loss of your family member’s life, even without physical injuries on your part, you can file for a wrongful death claim.

Wrongful death claims aim to provide compensation for various losses, including:

Funeral expenses:

This is also expensive, and it is important to seek compensation for funeral and burial costs through wrongful death claims.

Loss of financial support:

This could amount to claiming for loss of dependency that the deceased would have granted towards the family members, but unfortunately, they died in an accident.

Emotional suffering and loss of companionship: Through wrongful death claims, bereaved families are compensated for emotional pain and loss of consortium suffered.

Medical expenses:

The claim can also be made to recoup medical expenditures that resulted from the incident and were incurred by the decedent before his death, as this could have occurred before his demise.

To pursue a wrongful death claim:

Wrongful deaths involve a lot of emotions and, hence, are tough to handle. An experienced lawyer for wrongful death is essential to manage the process correctly. Looking for the right legal attorney while fighting for your legal lawsuit would be best. If you are in Houston, consider hiring a car accident lawyer, as they have all the local knowledge available.

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