How to Rip DVDs to Your Smartphone (iPhone & Android)

import DVD to smartphones

Smartphones, with their portability and convenience, allow you to enjoy your favorite videos on the go. For this reason, Many seek to transfer DVD content to their smartphones (iPhone or Android). There are primarily two methods to do this: DVD drives or Software operating on computers. Here, we’ll explore recommended SSoftware and utilizing DVD drives to rip DVDs onto your iPhone or Android device. If you wish to watch DVD content on your iPhone or Android, read on to discover these methods.

Two Methods to Transfer DVDs to Your Smartphone (iPhone & Android)

Transferring DVDs to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) primarily involves using Software or a DVD drive. Each method has its merits and drawbacks, catering to different preferences and scenarios. Choosing the right approach depends on your specific needs.

Using Software to import DVD to smartphones:

– Ideal for individuals who own a computer.

– Suitable for those interested in transferring DVDs and copying or burning DVDs.

– Beneficial for users wanting to watch DVDs offline without utilizing data.

Using a DVD Drive, import DVD to a smartphone:

– Convenient for individuals who want to transfer DVDs to their smartphones without a computer.

– Suited for those who want to transfer music CDs simultaneously.

– Recommended for users with a small number of DVDs to transfer.

Ripping DVDs to Your Smartphone Using Software

DVDFab DVD Ripper, a software provided by DVDFab, utilizes a proprietary Cloud Decryption Service to easily bypass popular DVD copy protections (CSS, region codes, RCE, UOPs, APS, RC, DADC, Disney’s Fake, etc.). It converts DVD videos into smartphone-compatible video files or universally compatible video/audio formats. Additionally, it compresses high-quality videos for mobile devices, enabling enjoyable DVD playback on smartphones (iPhone & Android).

The Software Software hardware acceleration technologies like multi-threading, multi-core, Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and VideoToolbox (macOS) complete conversions in as little as 5 minutes for a 2-hour DVD. It also offers batch processing capabilities, making processing highly convenient for users with multiple DVDs.

Steps to Rip DVDs Using DVDFab DVD Ripper

1. Download and install DVDFab DVD Ripper from the official website, selecting the appropriate version for your system.

2. Launch the Software and click “Ripper” from the top menu.

3. Insert your DVD into the optical drive or select the DVD movie disc, DVD folder (VIDEO_TS), or ISO image file from your computer by clicking the “+” button.

4. Customize output settings (format, quality, subtitles, detailed settings, editing) as desired.

5. Choose the output destination and click “Start” to initiate the ripping process.

6. Transfer the converted .MP4 files to your smartphone using a USB cable, cloud storage, or email.

Use a DVD Drive

DVD Mirel is a DVD drive that allows you to connect your DVD Mirel wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet and watch your DVDs directly without using a computer. The most prominent feature is that you can play DVDs without a computer or DVD player.

It is small and thin, making it easy to carry, and allows you to enjoy DVDs on your smartphone by connecting directly via wireless (Wi-Fi). With this, your smartphone (iPhone/Android) or tablet can quickly turn into a DVD player. It is straightforward to use and recommended for those who are troubled by importing it to a computer and those who want to watch DVDs and CD music on the go. CPRM DVDs and Blu-ray discs recorded from terrestrial digital broadcasts are not supported and cannot be played.


Transferring DVD content to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) can be achieved using Software or Software. DVDFab DVD Ripper offers a convenient and efficient method to convert DVDs into smartphone-compatible formats, allowing you to enjoy your favorite DVDs on the go. Choose the way that suits your preferences and needs to watch DVD content on your smartphone seamlessly.

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