How to remove CPRM for terrestrial digital broadcasting with relcprm

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Today’s article introduces a free software called “relCPRM” that can be downloaded and used to unlock CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) on terrestrial digital broadcasts. The article covers the method to remove CPRM using relCPRM and provides solutions for potential errors.

To remove CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) from terrestrial digital broadcasts, you can download and use a free software called “relCPRM” (“rel Content Protection for Recordable Media”).

What are CPRM and RelCPRM

CPRM is a form of copy guard. CPRM prevents copying even through software when attempting to record terrestrial digital programs onto a DVD. Hence, relcprm can be used to unlock CPRM.

RelCPRM is a freeware designed to remove the copy guard of terrestrial digital CPRM. However, the download source for CPRM has disappeared from the internet. Here, we will detail the process to download relCPRM (“rel Content Protection for Recordable Media”).

How to Download and Install relCPRM:

Begin by downloading relCPRM from the website mentioned above. On this site, you can download “”. Once the download is complete, unzip “”, revealing the “relCPRM_00664” folder and “relCPRM.pdf.”

Inside the “relCPRM_00664” folder, you’ll find the relCPRM program. Also, “relCPRM.pdf” provides instructions on using relCPRM.

Next, click on the “relCPRM_00664” folder and double-click “relCPRM.exe” to launch it. Now, relCPRM is installed.

How to Use relCPRM:

Once relCPRM is installed, launch the software.

Insert a DVD recorded in VR mode (DVD-VR) into your computer’s DVD drive. It will be displayed as follows. Select the VR_MOVIE.VRO file and click “Open”.

The titles of the recorded programs will be shown on the right side. Select the title you want to unlock if multiple tags are registered on one disc.

Then, choose the destination folder and check the options “[R],” “[W],” “IFO File Copy,” and “Delete Encrypted Title Key” at the bottom. Once settings are configured, click “START” at the center-bottom.

A blue bar will indicate the progress of dvdfab crack removal. Once unlocking ultimately appears, click “OK.” The process is now finished, and CPRM content can be played.

Common Errors and Solutions:

Issue 1: Error due to Unresolved cprmgetkey041 Operation Deadline cprmgetkey041 has an operation deadline, leading to errors if not resolved. In such cases, refer to websites providing methods to remove the operation deadline for cprmgetkey041.

Issue 2: relCPRM contentskey Retrieval Failure/CPRM contentskey Get Ver 0.41 by taku Displayed This error might occur due to an incompatible older PC unable to support cprmgetkey041.

Solution: Try using a different version of relCPRM or upgrading the DVD drive to a newer one.

Issue 3: Error: not CSS/CPRM Copyright Protection Displayed When this error appears, it may suggest that your computer’s DVD drive cannot handle CPRM, or you might be using a non-CPRM-compatible DVD.

Solution: Purchase a DVD drive compatible with CPRM (e.g., Nero Info tool/DVD Info Pro) or use recording media that supports CPRM.

Issue 4: Poor Quality Output Files If the output files have significantly low quality, it could be due to the recording device compromising the quality while recording to the DVD.

Solution: Consider using Blu-ray discs and record in the AVCREC format for higher-quality recordings.

Issue 5: Inability to Load DVD-VR When Attempting CPRM Removal with relCPRM If your PC uses Windows XP, it might struggle to read DVDs in VR format.

Solution: Given that DVR recordings often use VR or AVCREC formats, try using alternative software other than relCPRM if this error occurs.

DVDFab Passkey

The process of downloading, installing, and using relCPRM, along with standard errors and solutions, has been explained. For those finding relCPRM a bit cumbersome, a more accessible alternative, especially for beginners, is “DVD Passkey,” a software capable of effortlessly removing CPRM.

DVDFab Passkey for DVD is designed to bypass various DVD copy protections (excluding new protection 2.0 / Cinavia) and rip DVDs to HDD or ISO image files without any quality loss. It can also remove CPRM protection from DVDs recorded with terrestrial digital broadcasting or BS digital broadcasting.

How to use DVDFab Passkey

Let’s launch DVDFab Passkey for DVD. Click the “Launch DVDFab Passkey” button in the lower right corner. Passkey will then minimize to the system tray and detect if there are any media present in the Blu-ray drive.

Removing the copy protection from the DVD is straightforward. Insert the source DVD into the drive, and Passkey will automatically read the DVD data. It will remove copy protection and region code restrictions automatically.

Now, to rip the DVD to an HDD or an ISO image file, after confirming the source file, check the output destination shown under “Target” and click “Rip.”

That’s how DVD Passkey can remove CPRM and enable the output.

Difference between Passkey Free Version – Passkey Lite and Passkey Paid Version:

The distinction lies in the copy protection they can bypass.

The paid version of DVDFab Passkey can bypass protections like RC, RCA, CSS, APS, RipGuard, RCE, UOPs, ARccOS, and CPRM, among others, and it’s updated to Amazon Prime video download PC tackles the latest copy protections.

The free version, Passkey Lite, can bypass protections such as RC, RCE, APS, new protection for Blu-ray V36 and below, RC, BD-Live, and UOPs. However, it doesn’t support the latest copy protections.


In summary, we’ve covered the download, installation, usage, standard errors, and solutions for relCPRM. Additionally, we’ve introduced DVDFab Passkey as an alternative if relCPRM proves challenging. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

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