How to Qualify for Free Boiler Grants-A Step by Step Guide

Free Boiler Grants

Let’s learn how to qualify for free boiler grants. The government supports the free boiler grant scheme to provide low-income households with a new boiler for free. They are available under the government’s ECO scheme, developed to help households improve their energy efficiency, lower costs through energy bills, and live in warmer, healthier homes. 

Qualified homeowners and private tenants in the UK who claim means-tested benefits can upgrade their old and inefficient boilers free of charge. Alternatively, the government will heavily subsidize the boiler installation if you are not eligible for a free boiler installation.

How does the free boiler grant work?

The government-funded ECO Free Boiler Grant Scheme provides free boiler to eligible residents of the UK. The grant includes funding or coverage for energy-efficient house improvements. Installing insulation to maintain heat in your house or installing a new, more energy-efficient boiler are standard upgrades. These will lower your energy costs and benefit the environment. 

The government aims to lower fuel poverty and the UK’s carbon imprint to net zero by 2050.

The Energy Company Obligation, or ECO scheme, is one of the ways to achieve this. 

How to Qualify for Free Boiler Grants?

Free Boiler Grants Scheme benefits homeowners and private tenants. If you are qualified for a free boiler grant, it will depend on your household income. Eligibility for a UK boiler grant is based on strict standards established by the ECO program. In the United Kingdom, households seeking to be eligible for free boiler grants need to fulfill the following requirements: 

Living at the address where the work will be done requires meeting the set ECO requirements. To use ECO4, you must be enrolled in one of the following benefits: 

  • Homeowners or private tenants
  • Households with low incomes who receive any of the specific benefits, including:
    • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
    • Housing Benefit
    • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
    • Income Support (IS)
    • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (PCGC)
    • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
    • Child Tax Credit (CTC)
    • Universal Credit (UC)
    • Pension Credit Savings Credit (PCSC)
    • Child Benefit*
  • Properties with an EPC rating of lower D, E, F, & G.
  • The present boiler must be non-condensing (i.e., installed before 2005)
  • You must have a current fossil fuel heating system (gas) as your primary heating source.

APPLYING FOR Free Boiler Grants Scheme

1. Searching for Available Grants:

Investigate the grants that are offered in your area first. Reputable sources of information include government websites, non-profit organizations, and neighborhood energy efficiency initiatives.

2. Compiling the Required Documents:

Ensure you have all the supporting paperwork for your application, including identification, utility bills, and income statements. Specific grants could need more data on energy usage or property specifics. 

3. Contacting the Grant Provider:

Contact the grant providers to learn more about the application process in detail. They can help you navigate the requirements and offer support if you need it.

4. Complete the Application:

Fill out the application as soon as possible, giving the requested information. Pay attention to the submission guidelines and deadlines to ensure your application is considered. 

The free Boiler Grant Scheme gives households a great chance to upgrade their heating systems, reduce energy use, and help create a more environmentally friendly future. These grants remove the financial barrier, allowing a more comprehensive range of households to access energy-efficient boilers. To get benefits from these grants, investigate the requirements for eligibility and set off on a path to sustainable living while enjoying the lower costs and more comfort of an efficient heating system. Apply Today!

What are the Benefits of the Free Boiler Grants Scheme?

A new boiler installed will benefit you and your family in several ways if you are eligible for the government-free boiler grant scheme. You can profit from this in many ways, from enhanced general health to significant financial savings: 

  • You can receive a brand-new boiler free of cost. If you qualify, our Gas Safe qualified engineers will also install a brand-new boiler at no additional cost to you.
  • Your energy expenses will go down. Your previous boiler was less energy-efficient than the new one, so your energy bills can be lower.
  • For complete peace of mind, all installation expenses are paid for; for those who qualify, both the boiler and the installation process are accessible.
  • Long-term and initial savings are guaranteed. In addition to receiving a new boiler and installation for free, you’ll also save money on energy costs.
  • Maintaining a warm home keeps you and your family comfortable and helps prevent mold and dampness, which benefits your and your family’s health.

Free Boiler Grants: Key Benefits to Consider

There are several advantages to replacing your boiler through a Free Boiler Grant Scheme:

Increased Comfort at Home with Free Boiler Grants:

Even on the coldest days, your home remains comfortably warm thanks to modern boilers’ steady and regulated warmth. 

Environmental Responsibilities: 

By reducing your dependency on fossil fuels, you can minimize your carbon footprint and promote a healthy planet by switching to sustainable heating technology. The main objective of the free boiler grants program is environmental conservation.

Improved Security at Home:

Further, regarding its financial and environmental benefits, the UK initiative offering free boiler grants also encourages improved home safety. Older boilers can break down, which could result in leaks or carbon monoxide emissions. Upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient boiler reduces the chance of safety problems, giving you and your family a safe place to live.

Enhanced Property Value:

Using the free boiler grant 2024 Scheme to install an energy-efficient heating system can raise the value of your home. Energy-efficient improvements increase the desirability of your home to tenants and real estate buyers. If and when you decide to sell or rent your house in the future, this extra value may prove to be a valuable asset.

The Stimulus to the Economy:

By creating jobs in the heating industry, the Free Boiler Grant Scheme also aims to stimulate economic growth. The program is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and renters, increasing demand for qualified experts like installers, technicians, and manufacturers. This supports the community’s general economic growth and strengthens the job market.


Free Boiler Grant Scheme is an excellent chance for UK homes to upgrade their heating systems and positively impact a more sustainable future. Learn about the various programs, your eligibility, and the application procedure to maximize this beneficial government program. Experience the advantages of having a warm and energy-efficient house.

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