How to Properly Use a Dab Torch – A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

A torch is necessary for dabbing, but not all torches are equal. The best ones feature anti-flare technology, precise flame adjustability, and more.

Look for a torch with a refill indicator to avoid running out of butane during a session. Also, choose a torch that works with the dabber of your choice.

Pack the Bowl

Dabbing is a relatively new method for enjoying extracts, requiring a few different components to use appropriately. The most important accessory is a set of solid tongs to prevent burns when handling hot metal and glass. Next, a dabber is needed to handle and apply the concentrate. The best dabbers come in various shapes and sizes, including a shovel, scoop, pick, and spatula tips to handle the different consistencys of concentrates.

A butane torch is the most popular dab, providing a scorching flame. It can be bought online at most smoke shops and convenience stores. It is crucial to point the flame away from people and flammable materials, as torch negligence is often the cause of fires.

Once your torch is ready to go, it’s time to heat the nail or banger. For most quartz nails and bangers, this will take about 40 seconds. Be sure to count down using a stopwatch or phone so you don’t overheat the nail.

Heat the Concentrate

Dab torches are handheld and easy to use. They work similarly to lighters but can achieve a higher heat, reaching temperatures up to 2500 degrees. Torches are fueled with butane fuel and should be refilled regularly.

When using a dab torch, it’s essential to heat the nail evenly. This will ensure your concentrate is heated to the optimal temperature without scorching it.

Unlike a traditional lighter, dab torches can reach a much higher temperature for a more efficient and potent vaporization process. In addition, they can also achieve a consistent temperature that is crucial for the best quality dab.

Generally, you’ll want to choose a dab torch with a plug and nozzle that fits tightly to avoid butane leakage. You should also keep flammable materials away from the torch and regularly purge it to remove residual butane. You can find a wide range of sizes for dab torches, from small torches ideal for travel to larger torches suitable for large dab rigs.

Light the Flame

If you’re using a traditional dab rig, you need a high-quality butane hand torch to heat the nail. Propane torches aren’t as effective and produce a hotter flame that can damage the nail.

Torches can be purchased from most smoke shops and online stores. It’s essential to select a torch that is high-quality and easy to use. Torches that have adjustable flame settings are great for beginners and experts alike. They also allow users to heat the nail and banger at different temperatures for better vaporization.

While butane torches last a lifetime if properly taken care of, they must be refilled regularly. One way to tell it’s time to refill is when the flame becomes weaker or even struggles to light. It’s recommended to purchase a new can of butane fuel made explicitly for this type of torch.


A dab torch is essential for consuming marijuana concentrates, often made of butane and other solvents that create crystalline terpene-rich oils. While there are many methods of smoking dabs without a torch, most of them are impractical and dangerous.

A good quality dab torch should come with a refillable tank capable of holding butane, which can be purchased at most head shops or online. It should also include a flame adjustment screw, an on/off safety feature, heat guards, and other valuable features.

A dab rig also requires a dabber, which will help you move your dabs from their containers to the nail without burning your fingers. The dabber will look like a small shovel and is usually made of stainless steel or another durable material. Alternatively, you can use an electronic nail, which uses electricity to heat a coil, allowing you to avoid butane altogether. They tend to be more expensive but offer precise temperature control and a much faster heating process.

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