How Do the Crews Tend to Change GTA Online in-Game?

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When you join a new Crew, you’ll get a set of elements that might improve the overall multiplayer experience. First, the crew color and logo are customizable options inside different items (like vehicles) in GTA Online. As a result, you can show the globe (GTA’s gaming community) your true colors. 

GTA Crew Colors

Making your new Crew appealing to the eye will help you gather players quickly. Thanks to the random suggestions on the Social Club Website, almost anyone could catch a glimpse of your guild and might ask to join. Some players might feel drawn by the theme of your Crew (like zombies, for example) as you set the logo and colors correctly.

Even if your first try doesn’t give you more Crew members, you can always create a new one or modify your existing guild. One of those elements that can easily catch the eye of any new players or veterans is the color of your Crew. According to some psychological studies, you can indirectly send information about the type of player you want with the right color tone.

For example, you could paint it all red and tell your future Crew members that shooting and taking reckless action are all they need. On the contrary, using blue might hint at playing peacefully, and violence is the last resort. 

Also, you could follow these recommendations:

Take Examples from some of the Best Crews

Look into those Crews that take the highest positions on the Social Crew Website and learn how they handle their guild. Check the color tone, logo, and message they give to grab the attention of other players.

Since Grand Theft Auto 5 seems to gather “action-oriented” players, maybe you can see more “red” or bright colors. Additionally, you could “borrow” ideas from action movies and add them to the overall theme of your guild (like many other players get to do). 

Learn about Color Hex Code (FF, AA, and numbers)

From the start, you get some preset from which you can pick the best color that you see fit and set it to your Crew. But if any initial options suit your style, you can always add more color tones.

One way to simplify finding the perfect GTA Crew Color is using the Hex Code and getting it immediately. You have multiple websites (even Google itself) aiming to grab the correct configuration for your favorite color. Hence, you have all the colors of the rainbow at your disposal.

Base Color

One of the easiest ways to set everything up is by picking the base colors. You get multiple ways to send the message using Blue, Red, or Yellow. Afterward, you can add depth to your theme with the correct icon and Crew description. 

Many players use their creative minds and come up with astonishing creative ideas. 

Cool GTA Crew Colors

Lastly, being “Cool” sometimes isn’t easy, and you might need more time to set everything in the right place. For example, light mint could give the proper resonance for the message that you want to give to your crew members.

On the other hand, you could use the orange color to represent various random things like fruit, countries, or real-life objects.

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