Grey kitchen ideas that are anything but dull

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a grey kitchen? If it is a boring, cold and colourless space, you need to think again, as the new generation of grey cooking space is anything but dull. In the current kitchen trends, you will not meet utilitarian and cold greys, but these cooking spaces have plenty of textures, colourful accents and soft shades between greige and French grey.

Grey is a very popular colour at the moment, as it matches any type of kitchen style, from ultra-contemporary to a classic or farmhouse design. And if you think that the kitchen ideas will be limited to just one colour, you are mistaken, as you will see that there are plenty of tones of grey from where to choose something. The cool end of the spectrum contains other undertones of blue and green, and you can also have more warm shades of grey that give a pink, brown or purple tint.

Ready to go beyond white and black? Check out these grey kitchen ideas that will enhance the look of your cooking space.

Stay neutral with soft grey

The colour of a kitchen makes a big impact, so you always need to pick it carefully. Grey has an important benefit, as it is a neutral colour that will look timeless and contrast well with the surfaces and materials of your cooking space. Grey will also soften and make a room feel calmer. In psychology, grey is often associated with balance and peace, which is essential to have in a house. Grey is simple, practical and reliable, making it a great colour choice. 

Soft grey will create a warm atmosphere that you will benefit from for many years to come, as it will not go out of style. If you want to remodel your cooking space, check, as there you will find a selection of gorgeous grey kitchen units.

Create a contrast

Grey and white is a classic combination that goes great together, especially if you want a timeless appeal that won’t date. In this type of kitchen, you need to pay attention to details, as accent fittings and luxe surfaces will be the ones that will catch the eye and keep the kitchen from looking too plain. 

When you remodel your kitchen, you can start with worktops and opt for a luxurious white marble that naturally adds a feeling of spaciousness. Then, you can finish off your kitchen with luxurious fittings, like statement light pendants and beautifully chosen handles, and you have the best place to cook delicious dishes. 

Can’t decide on just one type of grey? Give a try to a two-tone kitchen

Who says you only need to have a hue in your cooking space? If you can’t decide on one, you can opt for more. A two-tone kitchen will give you the possibility to use more colours without overwhelming the space. You can opt for a hue for your kitchen units and another for the paint of the walls. Also, you can consider introducing a freestanding kitchen island, as this is a great idea for a two-tone kitchen.

Add a little bit of drama with the darkest grey

Who doesn’t like some drama from time to time? You can create a dramatic and bold look in your kitchen with a dark grey shade. This will be perfect for a contemporary setting that looks powerful and unique. You can add an extra element of luxe and more intensity with black granite countertops. But keep in mind that it will be better not to opt for a very dark grey in small spaces, as it can look quite overpowering. 

Partner your shade of dark grey with metallics or rich jewel tones, and you will add a touch of sparkle that will look amazing. 

Consider greige

Grey comes in so many shades, so you will surely find something that suits you the best. For example, greige is an excellent alternative for those who want a warmer scheme somewhere between grey and beige. 

Greige is easier to style, as you can add warm-toned accessories that will create an inviting and warm ambience. It works great with wood, giving a welcoming vibe that will unite all the family. 

Introduce a purple island to make the grey kitchen units pop

If you choose to introduce a bold accent colour for a central island, you will succeed in giving your plain grey kitchen a new focus. For this look, you need to keep the kitchen units in the same colour for a cohesive look, but opt for a contrast, vibrant shade, like purple, for your kitchen island.

Choose a lively pattern to perk up floors and walls

Too much grey can feel overpowering in a tight space, so you can soften the look of a room with glossy surfaces and lighter elements. For example, a tiled splashback in a contrasting colour and a lively pattern is a great way to bring something new that will draw attention. 

Opt for a Scandi-inspired design

For many people who choose a grey kitchen, the ultimate goal is to have minimalism in their kitchen. Also, a grey kitchen will feel clutter-free, so this is a great alternative for those wanting this look. To implement this idea, you can opt for a Scandi kitchen design with very simple kitchen units and slab cupboard doors. This will create an easy look on the eye while keeping the kitchenware out of sight. 

Give your room personality with a grey-painted touch

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to revamp your kitchen or want to try something DYE, then you need to paint your kitchen cabinets. In this way, you will refresh your existing units without having a remodel that costs a fortune. This alternative is not very hard to achieve, as you will see that the most challenging part is to choose the grey shade. 

Grey is a chameleon of colour that will always look amazing in each house. So, are you ready to give it a try?

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