FBISD SKYWARD – Everything to Know About


FBISD Skyward is an all-inclusive web-based student information system used by Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) in Texas. It features student enrollment, scheduling, attendance tracking, grade reporting, and stakeholder communication services.

FBISD Skyward Overview

FBISD Skyward is a cloud-based platform that allows users to access information at any time and from any device with internet connectivity. With the system, parents, students, and educators can manage accounts, communicate, track academic progress, and keep an eye on academic progress.

How Does FBISD Skyward Work?

FBISD Skyward provides a web-based platform for managing academic information and improving communication among stakeholders within the FBISD community. Educators use this system to input student enrollment, scheduling, attendance, and grade data into this system. 

In contrast, parents and students have real-time access through either browsers or mobile applications, allowing real-time updates on academic progress and attendance records. FBISD Skyward communicates with educators and parents through notifications, messages, and online discussions.

What Features Make FBISD Skyward Unique?

FBISD Skyward Unique

Student Information

It helps educators monitor and record attendance, grades, assignments, and academic progress and manage student profiles with demographic, medical, and disciplinary information.

Mobile App-FBISD Skyward

The FBISD Skyward mobile app makes information readily available for parents and students on mobile devices, providing real-time updates about grades, attendance, and assignments.

Special Education Management 

It offers tools for effectively overseeing special education programs. Educators can track Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and progress for students with disabilities. It facilitates communication between parents and special education teachers.

Curriculum and Course Administration

It provides tools and resources to manage curriculum and courses effectively, including lesson plans, assessments, instructional materials, course schedules, and enrollment and attendance records.


It offers teachers an intuitive grade book feature for inputting grades for assignments, tests, and assessments. The system automatically calculates an overall grade for each student. Parents and students can utilize this data to track academic progress and pinpoint areas for improvement.

It allows parents to register their children online for school registration, simplifying and expediting enrollment processes without paper forms.

This system lets Parents update contact info, emergency contacts, and medical records. FBISD Skyward Family Access lets parents stay updated with their child’s academic progress, attendance, and other pertinent details. 

FBISD Skyward Family Access

Benefits of FBISD Skyward

  • FBISD Skyward streamlines administrative tasks like enrollment, attendance tracking, and grade reporting to reduce educator and staff workload.
  • Furthermore, many processes like grade calculation are automated with this system, saving both time and reducing errors.
  • It allows educators, parents, and students to improve communication among all of them. 
  • Parents can communicate directly with teachers and view academic progress, attendance rates, school events, and teacher engagement initiatives.
  • Students’ data is available in real-time, enabling educators to identify their needs and tailor learning plans to improve academic results.

Where Can FBISD Skyward Be Used?

It is an online student information system used by Fort Bend Independent School District in Texas. It can provide various services for students, parents, educators, and stakeholder communication – from enrollment, scheduling, and attendance tracking through grade reporting to stakeholder communication. 

1. Student Enrollment

Skyward FBISD can use to manage the student enrollment process. Parents can register their children online, eliminating paper forms. Furthermore, educators can manage student profiles, including demographic information, medical records, and discipline history.

2. Scheduling

It can use to manage student schedules effectively. In addition to students and parents having access to their schedules online, educators can schedule classes and manage enrollments using the system.

3. Attendance Tracking

It can use to monitor student attendance. It is a system that educators can use for recording attendance and monitoring absences; parents and students can view attendance records online.

4. Curriculum and Course Administration

It can use to manage curriculum and courses efficiently. With the system, educators can create, organize, and share curriculum resources and schedule enrollments and attendance.

5. Mobile Access

It can access using a mobile app on both student and parent mobile devices. It provides real-time information such as grades, attendance, and assignments, communicating with teachers, and receiving notifications about school events.

6. Professional Development

It can use as a professional development resource. Teachers can access training resources like online courses and instructional videos for professional growth. In addition, FBISD Skyward allows educators to track their professional development progress while earning continuing education credits.


FBISD Skyward is an innovative web-based student information system employed by Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) in Texas. This student information system offers various services for students, parents, and educators. In addition to enrollment, scheduling, attendance tracking, grade reporting, family access special education management curriculum, and course management, the services are available to all stakeholders.

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