Best Father Of The Bride Speech Examples

father of the bride speech

One of the most essential duties of a dad at his daughter’s wedding is to give the Father of the bride speech. These words should be as heartfelt as possible, filled with pleasant memories of his daughter. In this article, we will give examples of the Father of the Bride speech, and you will choose the appropriate option for yourself.

How Should The Father Of The Bride Give His Speech?

Only some fathers can prepare such a speech. Even if the Father wants to say a lot, he must remember it is tiring for the guests when the Father of the bride wedding speech is long (more than 5 minutes). The speech of the Father of the bride at a wedding can include several mini-sections, and after the speech, you can say a toast and drink to the newlyweds. Here are tips on how to write a father of the bride speech:

  • Talk about your daughter – what she has achieved and what qualities she has, say how much you love her.
  • Contact her husband and note his excellent taste in your daughter’s choice.
  • Advice for newlyweds and wishes for the future.

We advise you to write your Father of the Bride speech so that you have time to think through every word and create a truly memorable monologue. In the next section, we will givefather of the bride speech examples.

Speech Options For Father

In this section, we’ll look at how to write a father-of-the-bride speech so that it can help you deliver.


Good evening. I am (name), the bride’s Father, and on behalf of our family, I thank you for being with us today. Thanks to everyone who helped organize this day. Watching my daughter grow up has been an honour, and I am proud that she has grown from a little girl into an accomplished woman. Congratulations to my son-in-law (name) and his parents (words), who raised a wonderful son. I wish the young people always to be happy. Let’s make a toast to you!


Good evening! I am the bride’s Father, and I want to say that today, my daughter will come first, and only then, my jokes. I thank everyone who helped and the holiday organizers for a bright evening. Daughter (name), I didn’t even have time to notice how you turned into a magnificent woman from changing your diapers who still tolerates my jokes. I want to greet my son-in-law (name), who can make my daughter laugh better than me. That’s why I agreed to give her to you as a wife. Let’s raise our glasses!


Good evening. I am (name) the Father of the bride. We have gathered to celebrate the union of two loving hearts as they embark on a journey through life. I want to thank those present and the organizers for their help in creating the holiday. Looking at my daughter (name), memories come from her childhood and youth, and my soul is filled with pride for her. Today, our family now has a son (name) who is worthy to be a member of our family. For you, my kids!


Good evening! The bride (name) is my daughter, and I am proud. My heart is grateful to her for the warmth that she gives us, and I am thrilled. I thank everyone with us now and the event organizers for this evening. I am happy that such a man as (name) became her husband. They deserve each other, and we will raise our glasses to them.


Good evening, everyone. I am (name), the bride’s Father, and I am pleased to see everyone at the celebration. Thank you all for your participation and support. My daughter (name) is a bright star in my life, and I am happy that a worthy spouse (name) was found for my treasure, thanks to whom she will sparkle even brighter. Live in harmony and love. For the young! We looked at simple examples of the father-of-the-bride speech that may help you speak at your daughter’s wedding. Of course, the Father of the Bride speech can be more extensive, but we have suggested the main direction.

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