Family-friendly Places to Visit in the UK

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The UK offers a fantastic selection of experiences for those planning a family holiday. Wherever you’re based, there’s a good chance you’re within a short drive of something incredible. And, if you’re willing to take a long drive, the possibilities expand even further.

Let’s look at a few family-friendly parts of the UK and see what they offer the average holidaymaker.

The Lake District

This incredible stretch of the Northwest has inspired some of the country’s best-loved poets and authors, including William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. Stroll along the Lakes, and you might spot some local wildlife. There are also museums and historic estates to explore. Or, if you prefer to get out onto the water, you might hop aboard a steamer.

You can reach the Lakes from just about everywhere in the country, with trains running from as far away as London and taking less than three hours to arrive. Arrive outside of midsummer, and you won’t have to deal with dense crowds.


This sunny little stretch of countryside is nestled just between Hampshire and Devon. It’s best known for its fossils, which are generously spread across what’s known as the Jurassic Coast. You can go and look for your fossils, or you can marvel at a curated selection of them in the Museum. If you’d like to stay active, you might also walk along the cliffs and beaches.

The Jurassic Coast covers around ninety-five miles of the seaside, so you might struggle to cram everything into a single trip. The good news is that most visitors will find an excuse to return–especially those interested in geology and how the British Isles came to be.


Blackpool is perhaps unfairly viewed as a budget destination. It’s an affordable way to spend a few days – especially if you’re staying in a motorhome. You can take the hassle out of finding a hotel and buying meals when traveling in a motorhome. Just remember to invest in the appropriate motorhome insurance and plan your route ahead of time to avoid road works, lane closures, and small lanes. But it also offers an impressive selection of attractions.

There’s the Arena at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the beach itself. There’ the Blackpool Tower Circus, which has been around for over a hundred years, provides an incredible afternoon of entertainment for as little as six pounds per ticket.


Cornwall is a part of the country with its own unique culture and heritage. There’s something here for everyone, with fantastic beaches and attractions that appeal to children of all ages. You can rent a bike and cycle the Camel Trail between Padstow and Wadebridge. Then there’s the community-run Heartlands, near Redruth, which offers accessible play areas and other treasures.

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