Drake featured the Albanian Jacket in his “Polar Opposites” song:

Drake Albanian flag jacket

Music and fashion have always been aligned together and greatly influence both worlds. Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” song created a massive spike on the internet with the bloody cake she used as a prop, and every influencer and cake maker followed the trend; they made videos and reels on this song along with the act of cutting it. This scenario proves a song can make a massive trend in every category. 

Every singer who wears or projects some clothing in their music videos makes a fashion statement, and people wildly follow the league. These commercial videos are used to promote a brand because they impact the artist’s followers and the audience around the world in which it is marketed. 

That is what the Drake Albanian flag jacket did; it sparked the fashion industry with its look, and the perfectly portrayed reflection of its color and how Drake carried the whole look was spot on. The lighting and dark shade in the music video and the popping red color of the jacket made it appear solid and vibrant. It perfectly demonstrated the artist’s iconic style, as we all know his unique and popular fashion sense and how he creates his whole looks, which is quite significant among his peers.

Drake’s fashion evolution makes a bold statement about his journey:

As the fashion industry has expanded, not many artists have contributed to revolutionizing it and making it more relevant and aesthetic with their unique styles and outfits that could capture the eyes of the audience. Drake is an artist who blossomed as a fashion enthusiast, creating a big difference with his great tactics while carrying his whole looks. 

In the following sub-heads, we are going to explore the journey of the evolution of his fashion to get inspired by the symphony:

  • Tracksuits and success:

In the beginning, when a person starts their journey, they don’t have a style statement because they only have their primary focus on the hard work that could make it through in their field. Still, Drake continued making his style that screamed Toronto’s roots reflection in his attire. Where he started with the tracksuits, and it marked his presence like that; it was raw, just like his early lyrics. 

  • Switch to streetwear:

When he started delving into his popularity, his fashion sense also switched, turning it into more luxury and streetwear, which was all about sneakers, graphic t-shirts, and hoodies. Drake is still famous in this style, where he wears luxurious sneakers, pairing them with iconic hoodies and trendy tees.

  • Suiting up:

Just like their immense success dominating the whole industry, he made it evident through his stylish suits, which were a loud clap about his achievement. Still, he stayed true to his roots and delved into that style, evidence of his evolution.

  • OVO’s fashion imprint:

As Drake’s fashion game is always on point, a brand that would demonstrate his sense was bound to happen; the influence he had in this area where people were enthusiasts and crazy for his style and OVO (October’s Very Own) came into existence wearables even if he wears the ovo rangers hoodie people would go gaga over it. With his collections and combination of streetwear and luxurious accessories, he proved he is the ultimate fashionista.

  • Bold choice embracement:

Drake has always embraced a very different perspective when it comes to fashion; he chose bold fabrics with unique patterns, which gave him the leverage of enjoying being a fashion icon that people follow other than his fans or followers because of how great he looks with his whole look, with the OVO brand in combination with his style and fashion sense makes a bold statement that he embraced.

The global impact of this evolution and how it influenced everyone beyond music: 

We all know that Drake’s style has always been on top, but it is beyond our amazement that his influence is beyond music and dives into the fashion world with the smoothest transition. He has this habit of setting trends in the fashion world that resonates globally. This global impact provides the medium for the artist and his audience to share his thoughts and ideas.

Drake knows how impactful his fashion is and uses it accordingly with precision and in full swing. He was, is, and will always be unapologetic with his style and what he wants to provide to the world through his self. 

The language of fashion for artists to convey their narratives:

As we all know, artists have a global reach through their work, and with the platforms, they have to be used as a resource and their talent to convey their narratives, emotions, and ideas, which one cannot do in everyday life. Fashion also prevails through the artist’s expressions. It can also get their audience’s attention and convey whatever is essential for them through music videos and their presence. 

  • Fashion works as a language and communication between the artist and the audience with the prominence of their personal beliefs. It is a silent tool for the artists that they use without uttering a word about anything they can pursue their audience. 
  • The fashion of an artist is their identity; their attires and style represent who they are, which is reflected in their manner.
  • Artists paint their syllables without any dialogue; it tears every boundary that stops them from representing whatever they want. It provides a medium for them to pour out their feelings through their attires.
  • Artists like Drake promote their culture and beliefs through their fashion, which can bridge the gaps between cultures and bring everyone closer and stronger together. Also, it gives a sense of community that combines through it.


Nothing is more beautiful and inspiring for a fashion enthusiast than an artist with an outstanding style promoting excellent, fashionable characteristics. Drake is someone that people relate to in terms of styling, and it goes beyond the music and artistry work; it becomes a statement that they give through their attires and outfits because they know people follow them even if they wear Louis Vuitton racer jackets. Their style speaks volumes and makes everyone look suitable with brands like OVO, which gives the artist ideas and personal identity scent, which can be felt and seen by their audience and the world. 

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