Discovering the Best Places to Move with Your Family Around the World

Around the World

Moving your family to a new country can be a rewarding decision. It opens up a world of new opportunities, cultures, and experiences that can enrich your family’s life in countless ways. Whether you’re seeking a better quality of life, educational opportunities for your children, or simply a change of scenery, the world has many destinations that can meet and exceed your expectations.

Choosing Your New Home

Moving abroad impacts every aspect of life, from day-to-day living to long-term prospects. Here’s what to research when selecting your family’s next destination:

The safety of your chosen country is non-negotiable. Look into crime rates, political stability, and the overall sense of security in the community. Countries with low crime rates and solid legal systems offer a safer environment for your family to live, learn, and play,

Education is critical to your children’s future. Investigate the education system’s quality, including public and private schools. Consider the availability of schools with options such as language immersion programs, international schools, or special education services (depending on your family’s needs, of course),

Access to quality healthcare is essential. Evaluate the healthcare system of potential destinations, including the availability of services, the care standard, insurance requirements, and costs. Some countries offer universal healthcare,

Assess the overall quality of life, including environmental quality, access to cultural and recreational activities, and general well-being. Countries that rank high in quality of life typically have clean environments, vibrant cultural scenes, and active communities,

The cost of living varies in every country and can affect your family’s lifestyle. Research housing costs, utilities, food, transportation, and education expenses so your new salary or savings can comfortably cover your family’s needs,

For working parents, the availability of employment opportunities is crucial. Look into the job market, work culture, and the possibility for career growth in your industry. Some countries are hubs for specific industries, offering more opportunities and potentially higher salaries,

The cultural fit is essential for your family’s integration and happiness. Consider the language, customs, and social norms of the country. A welcoming, inclusive society can enrich your family’s experience through exposure to new traditions and perspectives,

A strong expat community can provide a support network for you and your family, offering advice, friendship, and a sense of belonging. Look into the size and activity level of expat communities in potential destinations,

The climate and geographical location can significantly impact lifestyle and activities. Whether you prefer warm weather, access to beaches, mountains for skiing, or a temperate climate for year-round outdoor activities, consider how the environment matches your family’s preferences.

Top Destinations for Families

Regarding moving abroad with your family, the ideal location offers a blend of safety, high-quality education, excellent healthcare, and enriching cultural experiences. Here’s a closer look at some of the best places around the world for families to consider:


The northern neighbor to the US, Canada, is often considered one of the best places to live in and emigrate to. It’s interesting to see why this great nation always falls first on the list, from healthcare and education to its natural landscapes.

Here’s why Canada is great for families:

  • Their universal healthcare system is known for its quality and accessibility,
  • Canada offers a high standard of education, from primary schools to prestigious universities,
  • It consistently ranks high in global safety and quality of life indexes, with a welcoming attitude towards immigrants,
  • It boasts vast landscapes from coast to coast, providing numerous family outdoor activities.


Another country where English speakers don’t have to learn a foreign language, Australia is often cited as one of the best countries in the world for families and individuals alike. Though an isolated island country, its cities (specifically Melbourne and Sydney) have been listed as the best cities for several years.

Here’s why Australia is great:

  • With its sunny climate, Australia offers an active outdoor lifestyle ideal for families,
  • It has a high-quality education system, with several universities ranked among the best in the world,
  • It’s a melting pot of cultures, offering a broad exposure to different traditions and cuisines,
  • Australia has a robust healthcare system comprising public and private services.


Europe’s happiest country, Denmark, is often considered the ideal place to move and raise a family. While suitable for life, Denmark has significant incentives for people who come with children and present them in Copenhagen.

Here are more interesting facts about Denmark:

  • It’s world-renowned for an excellent work-life balance, ensuring plenty of time for family,
  • Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world, with low crime rates,
  • It has free and high-quality education, including higher education,
  • Its comprehensive social services ensure a high standard of living for all residents.


Did you know that Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city, was built on 14 islands? Stockholm is an extraordinary city, but Sweden ranks high overall in family benefits. Moreover, the Swedish government often emphasizes the importance of nature, so your kids will spend time in lush environments any chance they get.

Here’s more about Sweden:

  • Sweden has generous parental leave policies and a strong focus on children’s rights,
  • Its expansive forests and lakes help the country promote an outdoorsy lifestyle,
  • It offers free education and a wide range of English-speaking schools,
  • Sweden is a leader in innovation and environmental sustainability.


The Southeast Asian hub for business people, Singapore boasts more than just outstanding salaries and a high quality of life. You and your family wouldn’t need to learn other languages because English is one of their official languages, and there are many excellent educational opportunities.

Here’s why Singapore is great:

  • It’s one of the most stable and prosperous economies in Asia,
  • Singapore has low crime rates and strict laws that contribute to a safe living environment,
  • It has an exceptional education system with a focus on bilingualism,
  • Singapore boasts high-quality healthcare facilities and services.

New Zealand

New Zealand might be the most naturally stunning country in the world. Its incredible natural beauty can significantly appeal to families who wish to raise their children in such environments. Despite that, New Zealand has more benefits imposed by high living standards.

Here’s what you need to know about New Zealand:

  • It’s known for its friendly people and relaxed pace of life,
  • Its stunning landscapes, from beaches to mountains, are ideal for adventure-loving families,
  • New Zealand boasts high levels of safety and security,
  • It has a comprehensive and well-regarded education system.

Living in Your New Home

Settling into your new country is an exciting process that involves much more than unpacking boxes. This section offers practical advice on navigating the challenges of adapting to a new environment, from overcoming language barriers to finding local resources.

Integrating into the Community

Once you’ve moved, integrating into your new community will be essential for your family. This involves adapting to a new culture and connecting with your surroundings through local schools, community groups, and social activities. It’s an opportunity for your family to grow closer and for each member to develop personally and socially.

Long-Term Considerations

Think about the long-term implications of your move. This includes the potential for permanent residency or citizenship, future employment opportunities, and the overall impact on your family’s well-being. Planning for the future will make your move a successful long-term transition.

Take Your Family on an Adventure of a Lifetime

Moving with your family to a new country is a journey of opportunities and challenges. Choosing the right destination, preparing effectively for the move, and integrating into a new community are critical steps in making this transition successful.

The logistics of moving are tricky, especially when relocating to a different country with your family. This is where the expertise of professional international movers becomes invaluable. Companies like I Love Moving specialize in handling the complexities of moving abroad, offering services that include packing, shipping, customs clearance, and even helping you settle into your new home.

The key to a smooth and stress-free move is partnering with experienced professionals. Their experience in international relocation can make all the difference in your family’s relocation, turning moving into an exciting journey toward a new life.

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