Curly Cuts: Men’s Hairstyle Ideas & Tips


For men with round faces, it is crucial to select a haircut that focuses on building up length on the top and also some volume but keeps the rest of the hair short. The standard way of highlighting this part is to make the face longer and bring about better balance. A curly hairstyle is an excellent choice to soften your round-face features. 

They give an extra dimension to your hair, making it look like your face would shape the angle. Here are some curly hair men’s haircuts, along with detailed descriptions: 

The Classic Curly Quiff:

The quiff, a stylish haircut that never dies, could be easily adjusted to the various shapes of the face. Men with round faces should go for the quaffed-up haircut style; it will invent the required height and lengthen the face. To create this hairstyle, rub a bit of a mousse or a cream for curls into your hair when it has just come out of the shower. One of the best ways is to take a blow dryer with a diffuser and use it to dry the hair while you scrunch it upwards, which will help create more curls. Once dry, take a little pomade or wax and define all twirls by separating them. Lastly, With a comb, adding lift to the hair at the front and making the classic quiff shape take place, a little sweep towards one side of the hair creates the needed style.

The Textured Crop:

Because of its shaggy trims, the textured crop hairstyle could be considered a modern and versatile haircut fitting all round-shaped faces. This class is distinctive, with sides and back cut short while the top has the same length, thus giving room for plenty of textures and more movements. To get the messy crop, tell your stylist for a short fade for the sides and back while appropriately leaving about two to three inches of height on top. Then, when the air is completely dry, you use a product that enhances the curls and adds texture. You can try styling cream or sea salt spray, which are good examples. Combine your fingers to mess up the hairstyle and create an uneven texture, which adds height to the forehead and creates an elongated effect on the face.

The Curly Side Part:

This side-part is a timeless option featuring a variety of versions suitable for male curly hair haircuts. However, one must be aware of the limitations of this hairstyle. A deep side part creates this dimensional style, and hair is brushed to one side, resulting in a smooth and elegant effect. To achieve the curly side, you need to begin by applying a curl-activating product on wet hair and comb it through your damp hair so that it is evenly applied. Use a tooth comb to sweat off a good side part and mess the strands at the top to deliver a superb curl. Use minimal pomade or wax instead to smooth out the flyaways and emphasize the difference between the two. This hairdo raises the top by adding height and volume. Such a style fits the round-shaped face by counterbalancing.

The Curly Undercut:

Undercut is a striking and trendy hairstyle designed to work on curly hair but leave the face round. This cut is characterized by sides and back, which are very short, while you keep long hair on the top, making it a directional haircut that someone looks up to. If you want a curly undercut, tell your barber to trim your sides and back with high or mid fade and keep the hair long on top. Use your fingers to distribute enhancing products and make your curls loose and more textured. After you’ve scrambled it up a little, you’ll have a naturally messy but cute look. This hairstyle creates an illusion of extending the head and thus suits many to create a more symmetrical face.

The Curly Afro:

The afro is a voluminous and fashionable hairstyle that can be satisuitsound cheeks. They should wear shorts and covering covertly to achieve balance and avoid making too much width on the face. To obtain a curly afro hairstyle, let your hair grow to the same level so that your natural curls will take the shape. Don’t forget to apply a curl-enhancing product to create the curls and lift them. Use your fingers and a pick to work the afro into the desired shape and show the height on the top of the head. Not to mention that this hairstyle provides volume and gives the haircut the needed texture, helping the rock face look more within the frame.

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