Criminal injuries and how the victims can access support and compensation

Criminal injuries are physical and psychological problems that are directly caused by a violent crime. Since severe emotional trauma typically follows these events, the effects can be long-lasting, affecting the quality of life and causing further distress down the road. Some of the most common physical injuries that could occur in an attack include bruising and cuts and the more serious lacerations, broken bones or even organ rupture. There’s also the emotional pain and psychological damage that invariably follow a violent crime.

Victims have a long way ahead of them on the path to recovery, but they need to be able to reach the support they need in order to gradually return to the way things were before the attack. All victims are eligible to receive compensation for their injuries, including both the physical and the mental effects.

After the attack 

There are many types of injuries that could result from a criminal attack. It’s essential to get medical attention as soon as possible to determine the health damage and establish a comprehensive treatment scheme. Cases of long-term or historical abuse will present different medical problems compared to sudden attacks, and it’s vital that all areas be treated accordingly. In severe cases, the health damage can leave the victim with permanent disability and life-altering effects.

This can further contribute to deepening the mental distress, as it will seem that there’s no way to escape the abuse since its aftereffects continue to linger. Victims must talk to doctors and therapists in the aftermath. The treatment scheme will likely take some time, and it will be a while until results start showing, so it’s essential to remain consistent to enjoy progress.

Types of injuries

Different types of injuries make you eligible for compensation, including those resulting from physical or sexual abuse, bereavement payments, pregnancy loss, financial dependency, funeral payments, loss of earnings and the mental strain of witnessing a violent crime. Head to to talk to a specialised solicitor about your case and get a better picture of what you can expect during the proceedings.

You are also eligible for compensation if one of your loved ones has passed away as the result of a violent crime. There’s also the possibility of receiving payment if you were wounded while attempting to apprehend an offender or a suspected offender. If you were aiming to help the police or remedy the consequences of a violent attack and become injured, you could also receive remuneration depending on the extent of your injuries.

Witnesses can also deal with the negative aftereffects of mental injuries. Seeing a loved one become the victim of a criminal injury will take a toll on your mental health. Being involved in the immediate aftermath of the incident can also have a disabling effect, leaving you unable to carry out normal, daily activities. For instance, you might notice that your work performance is severely impaired compared to before the incident.

Time limitations

As for any legal compensation, you must consider the time limitations. Make sure to apply as soon as possible. Generally, you won’t be able to make a claim anywhere later than two or three years from the time of the attack since courts are likely to find the information more difficult to prove later on. However, several aspects could be taken into account that might mean your case is an exceptional one.

For example, if the injuries were so severe that an application couldn’t have been completed earlier. You should create your claim only once you have reached an adequate stage of recovery from your injuries. A notable exception is in the case of interim payments, which are sought in order to obtain reparations for treatments or other costs. Another situation involves issues where the evidence doesn’t require any further inquiries and compensation can be easily determined.

You can also provide evidence that clearly shows your application couldn’t have possibly been completed earlier. However, for the cases that don’t fall under this umbrella, it’s crucial that victims are advised to file for compensation without delay in order to have a positive outcome. There’s no need to wait for the conclusion of the criminal proceedings, as decisions can be made based on the available evidence. Solicitors aren’t bound by the basis of “beyond reasonable doubt” or the outcomes of a trial in order to reach a decision, so that is not a reason to delay getting your compensation.

The amount of compensation

As for any other compensation case, criminal injury victims are also eligible to receive different amounts depending on the site and severity of their injuries and how considerable the impact was for daily activities. Claiming directly against the perpetrator can mean that you’ll be able to receive special damages that allow you to compensate for the financial loss that intervened as a result of your wounds.

Many different factors could contribute to financial issues following a criminal attack. Since you’ll most likely have to take time off work to recover, your earnings will likely suffer. Moreover, if your injuries have been extensive, you might be left unable to work for an extended time or even permanently. Medical treatment and therapy costs can also mount considerably, causing additional strain. Since you might have to travel for your medical appointments, those travelling fees will be added to your expenses as well.

You will have to show that you incurred loss of earnings for at least twenty-eight weeks after the accident, and there are more limitations to receiving damages, but it’s definitely possible to acquire them with the help of a good lawyer. When it comes to the physical injuries, the amount of compensation you can receive varies. For example, you’ll receive about £3,500 for damage to the retina, £22,000 for loss of sight, £33,000 for burns that could result in considerable scarring and £2,400 for partial hearing loss.

Criminal injuries negatively impact the victim’s quality of life and mental state, so it’s essential to receive the appropriate help to make a full recovery.

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