Citizenship of Serbia: What Is the Easiest Way to Get It?

Discover Serbian citizenship by investment program opportunities in 2023: Visa-free stays, residence permits, and much more. Expert insights on passport by investment and benefits of a Serbian citizenship.

The Serbian Republic has increasingly garnered the attention of numerous foreigners as a promising choice for migration and permanent relocation. In 2023, obtaining Serbian citizenship has become attainable for anyone interested, provided they meet the criteria set forth in the migration program. Furthermore, residents from various countries are entitled to visa-free stays in Serbia for up to 60 days. Moreover, acquiring a residence permit in Serbia is facilitated through avenues such as property investment, marriage unions, educational pursuits, and business registration.

What is required to attain Serbian citizenship, and how can this process be expedited both efficiently and affordably? Is it possible to get citizenship by investment in Serbia? What are the advantages associated with a Serbian passport? These and a plethora of other inquiries have been unraveled by the specialists from International Wealth, preeminent experts within the domain of business migration and the acquisition of dual citizenship.

What does Serbian citizenship offer?

The Serbian passport has gained significant popularity recently among residents of various countries who have opted for relocation. Serbia maintains amicable relations with the United States and European Union countries and China and other nations in the Asian region, positioning it as a prime destination for business migration.

This can be identified as the foremost advantage of Serbia as a country for settling on temporary or permanent residency.

Among the other merits, we can enumerate:

  • visa-free access to numerous European jurisdictions
  • stable geopolitical position
  • secure banking sector, appealing to both international corporations and private entrepreneurs
  • state-sponsored social, medical, and educational assistance programs
  • rich historical heritage and an array of landmarks.

Additionally, possessing Serbian citizenship removes all limitations on the duration of stay within the country for foreign nationals and eliminates the need for extending residence permits and visas, as well as obtaining work permits.

How to obtain a Serbian passport?

Many individuals are curious about the criteria for granting Serbian citizenship to foreigners. Currently, there are several grounds for obtaining Serbian citizenship:

  1. Birth in Serbia if at least one parent holds Serbian citizenship.
  2. Naturalization – a viable option for mature and legally competent applicants who have resided in Serbia for the last three years and possess permanent residency.
  3. Ancestry – local Serbian heritage or prior Serbian citizenship.
  4. Marriage to a Serbian resident for a minimum of three years, contingent upon the foreign applicant having an active residence permit.
  5. Repatriation from another country as a means of returning to homeland.
  6. Real estate investments in Serbia followed by acquiring citizenship based on residency and living arrangements.
  7. Possession of citizenship from the former Yugoslavia Republic provided the individual has resided within Serbian territory for at least nine years.
  8. Noteworthy contributions to the homeland encompassing military valor, economic investments within the state, philanthropy, and the like.
  9. Refugee status.

The purchase of a real estate in Serbia does not directly grant citizenship but provides access to a one-year residence permit, extendable thereafter. After residing on a residence permit for 5 years, an application for permanent residency can be submitted, and an additional 3 years after that for Serbian citizenship.

What’s required to obtain Serbian citizenship in 2023?

To acquire Serbian citizenship, you need to prepare the necessary documents and submit them alongside an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic or to Serbian consular establishments at your place of residence abroad. The application can be filed in person or remotely through an authorized representative. In the case of applying for citizenship for a minor child, consent from the second parent or guardian must be included with the application.

The processing time for a Serbian citizenship application is up to 1 year or longer. Additionally, foreign applicants will be required to undergo a test on the laws and customs of the country.

Documents required for Serbian citizenship application include:

  • application
  • passport with a validity of at least 6 months
  • proof of official income
  • medical insurance
  • certificate of no criminal record
  • for married couples – marriage certificate or divorce decree
  • photos in the specified format
  • for children – birth certificate and consent from the second parent or guardian.

All documents for Serbian citizenship must be submitted in Serbian with a notarized translation.

Before receiving the passport of the Republic of Serbia, the foreign citizen must provide a written affirmation of allegiance to the state.

Is dual citizenship possible in Serbia?

This is a commonly raised question that concerns many individuals contemplating a move to another country. Is it feasible to retain citizenship in your home country while simultaneously obtaining a Serbian passport? Drawing from the legislative framework of Balkan jurisdiction, the response to this query unfolds as positive but under certain conditions.

In Serbia, holding two or more citizenships is permissible, but solely for a limited number of candidates. The circumstances and criteria under which dual citizenship is admissible in Serbia are as follows:

  1. If Serbian citizenship is granted as a result of exceptional contributions to the Balkan state.
  2. If there exists a relevant bilateral agreement between the countries.
  3. If the applicant for Serbian citizenship has local roots (confirmed ancestry).
  4. Reunification with family members.
  5. In the event of obtaining Serbian citizenship through marriage to a local resident.
  6. Dual citizenship in Serbia is attainable for investors making significant contributions to the country’s economic development.
  7. If the second country does not grant consent for renunciation of citizenship.

What is the quickest and safest way to obtain Serbian residency with subsequent eligibility for Serbian citizenship? Engaging seasoned experts such as those at International Wealth emerges as the most optimal route.

Experts will assist you in selecting the most suitable real estate investment and ensure a secure property purchase transaction. They will guide you through all stages of obtaining residency and aid in establishing a company in Serbia that aligns with your objectives and goals.

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