Carpet or hardwood flooring: Which one is best for your home?

Whether you’re extending your current home or making a renovation project out of your next move, flooring should be at the top of your list of priorities. While soft, luxurious carpets might look just at home in contemporary interiors, minimalist spaces look equally stylish with hardwood flooring.

But choosing the right type of flooring for your home should be a practical and personal decision. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, and you should know a few key features too. No matter which stage you’ve reached in your project, it’s always worth knowing the main arguments for each.

Carpets and hardwood flooring: What are the key differences?

  • Carpet consists of natural or synthetic fibres tightly woven together in a grid.

Carpeting almost always covers the whole floor space in a room, and often sits above soft underlay or padding. Both layers need to be attached to the floorboards underneath with nails, staples, and an adhesive. This relatively simple process means that you can learn how to install carpet by yourself.

  • Hardwood flooring makes for a slightly more complex but equally rewarding project.

It’s made using boards of solid wood, filled from lumber that’s taken from felled trees. Hardwood flooring is available in an incredible array of colours, styles and materials. Some of the most popular types of wood to use in flooring include oak, pine, maple and birch, but engineered wood types like plywood offer a cost-effective alternative.

Why choose hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring might be slightly more expensive to install than carpet, but it’s much hardwearing. It adds an authentic charm to any home, potentially increasing the value of your property too.

As far as maintenance is concerned, hardwood flooring is very easy to clean. Sweeping and damp mopping usually keep it looking fresh, although stains and scuffs on wooden floors require a little bit of maintenance and know-how.

It’s suitable for almost any room in the house – with the exceptions of bathrooms and basements. And if you or any of your family members suffer from allergies, it doesn’t add any potential irritants to the air in your home.

Why choose carpet instead?

Carpet has a soft, cosy feel underfoot. It’s more affordable to install than hardwood flooring, and it adds a warm and welcoming touch to the bedroom and living spaces.

It’s not suitable for the kitchen but can work wonderfully in almost any other room in the house. It’s easy to vacuum, too, but stubborn stains might take a little bit of persistence.

One of the most significant advantages of carpeting your home is the dampening effect on noise. It’s softer on the feet and keeps walking around the house a gentle, calming experience!

The bottom line: Which flooring type should I choose?

We think that hardwood floors make the most sensible choice for active families, particularly those with pets. You won’t need to worry about stains ruining the floor, and muddy footprints will be incredibly easy to clean up.

But if you’re set on those cosy vibes and you’re willing to scrub from time to time, carpet might just be the best choice.

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