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Are you tired of sifting through unreliable websites and dubious classified ads? Look no further because Bedpage is here to revolutionize your online advertising experience.

Whether searching for paid or free classified ads, it is the go-to platform that connects you with genuine and trustworthy individuals. With just a few clicks, you can discover many opportunities and connect with like-minded individuals in your area. 

With paid and free classified ads, you can choose the best advertising option that suits your needs and budget. So why wait? Sign up today and start reaching your audience on Bedpage!

What is Bedpage?

Bedpage is an online advertising platform that allows users to post classified advertisements. It covers various categories – jobs, housing, services, community needs, and personnel needs – similar to Craigslist and Kijiji but focused on adult services. It does not have geographical limitations, making it a valuable platform for global buyers and sellers.

How Does Bedpage Work?

To use Bedpage, users first need to create an account. Registration is free, and no personal data will be requested during signup. After setting up their accounts, users can begin posting advertisements in any category.

How Does Bedpage Work

There are various classified categories so that ads can include text, images, or videos. Users can set prices accordingly and negotiate directly with prospective buyers or sellers.

Benefits of Bedpage

There are several reasons why Bedpage is so popular, including its ease of use. This user-friendly platform offers various categories for selling goods and services at competitive rates. Furthermore, it is free to use, making it accessible to people of all budgets.

It provides another benefit with its global reach. Connecting users worldwide, it enables buyers and sellers to connect. This feature can significantly benefit businesses expanding their customer base or individuals searching for rare or hard-to-find items.

Risks of Bedpage

While Bedpage provides many advantages, it also comes with some risks. One critical risk associated with this is fraud. This platform exposes users to scams, fake advertisements, and even stolen merchandise posted there by anyone.

It also poses the potential risk of exploitation. While it has come under scrutiny for being used by sexual traffickers to post illegal ads for sexual exploitation services.  Using this service could still lead to potentially hazardous situations, even though it takes measures to remove such ads and ban those engaging in illegal activities.

How Can You Utilize Bedpage?

Bedpage is an online classified advertising platform that can be utilized to promote businesses, services, products, and events. Businesses can reach a broader audience while improving visibility and growing their customer base with advertising campaigns. 

Here, we’ll discuss how Bedpage works and how to create successful ad campaigns.

Step # 1: Establish an Account

Bedpage signup

The first step of using Bedpage as an advertising medium is creating an account – free and straightforward. 

Visit their website, click “Sign Up,” provide your email address and password details and complete your sign-up. After this step has been completed, you can start building ads!

Step # 2: Select Your Category

bedpage categories

It offers many categories, from jobs and housing to services and community. Select one that best meets your needs and objectives if uncertain which would fit best, otherwise, look for similar ads to get an idea where your ad would best belong.

Step # 3: Write Your Ad

The next step in writing an effective ad is writing your copy. Make sure it is descriptive and engaging using clear and concise language, including all pertinent details that potential customers require in their research process. 

Do not forget to include contact details like email, phone number, or website URL when including contact info in your ad copy.

Step # 4: Add Images and Videos

To give your ad an extra splash, consider including images or videos, as they’re more engaging than text alone and may help draw customers toward what you offer. 

Just be sure they are high-quality images/videos which relate directly to what’s available – or provide something better that does so.

Step # 5: Determine Your Price

To sell products or services, set your price. Do research on similar offerings available elsewhere and price accordingly. If unsure, set it slightly lower than competitors to attract new customers.

Step # 6: Post Your Ad

Now that your ad has been created and uploaded with images and videos and set its price point, it is time to post it. Click “Post Ad” and wait for Bedpage’s review and approval so it will go live and be visible to potential customers.

Step # 7: Track Your Ad

After posting your ad, its performance must be monitored closely. Record how many views and clicks it receives before adjusting it as necessary. If your ads are not yielding desired results, revising or changing their category might be needed for optimal success.

Is Bedpage safe?

Bedpage has long been controversial due to illegal activities associated with its predecessor Backpage. Nonetheless, Bedpage operates independently and has implemented stringent policies and guidelines to safeguard users’ well-being.

Bedpage employs moderators who review all ads before posting to ensure they comply with platform policies and guidelines and remove any violation immediately. In addition, users must verify their phone numbers and emails to prevent false or fraudulent ads from being placed by advertisers.

Privacy and Security

Bedpage takes its users’ privacy and security very seriously, protecting all personal information through encryption and other measures to prevent unwarranted access. Users are also encouraged to report suspicious activity or behavior on the platform.

Risk Management

Bedpage has implemented risk management strategies to discourage illegal activities from occurring on its platform. In collaboration with law enforcement agencies, they regularly share information allowing the identification and prosecution of any unlawful acts on its site.

Though no online platform can guarantee 100 percent user safety, it has taken substantial measures to ensure their well-being. We encourage users to abide by its policies and guidelines, report suspicious activity promptly, and adhere to them to enjoy an enjoyable online experience together.


Bedpage does not charge you to view its posts. On the other hand, posters are required to pay for their posts to appear on the website.

Posts on bed pages cost at least $2 each. The additional $1 fee you will need to pay to move your ad to the top of the city listings will allow you to do so. Within 24 hours, your post will be at the top for an hour.

It is also possible to create a premium ad. Doing this lets you see your post at the top of the premium section. For a single city, it costs $15; for multiple cities, it costs $7.50 per city.


Bedpage is a practical and versatile online advertising platform with many advantages for its users. With its user-friendliness, free use, and many categories, it is popular with buyers and sellers worldwide. Unfortunately, it comes with risks, including the potential for fraud and exploitation. 

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