Autumn Gardening: Six Projects To Transform Your Garden

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. Warm days lead into crisp and cool nights. The colours are changing and the landscape transitions into rich purple, red, orange and golden hues. And these factors make it one of the best times of the year to get to work in your garden.

From improving your garden’s aesthetics to making it more eco-friendly, these projects are sure to keep your outdoor space beautiful and healthy this autumn.

Keep reading for six autumn projects to transform your garden.

Trim the hedges

Overgrown and withering shrubbery makes a sorry sight. When the leaves go yellow or the stems begin to bend, that’s your sign to purchase a powerful and robust cordless hedge trimmer and get to work. How much you should prune away depends on the species you have. But as a general rule of thumb, clip away roughly a quarter of their total size.

Welcome wildlife

Your garden can provide a home for important wildlife in the autumn. Trim your foliage and leave it on the ground near any trees in your garden, your local insects will be thankful for the gift. And consider putting up feeders for hungry birds or piling up leaves and logs to make a cosy bed for hibernating hedgehogs.

Create movement

The gentle sway of plant life in the autumn breeze is beautiful, adding movement and interest to your garden. Invest in some ornamental grasses to transform your garden into visual poetry. Tall grasses work well when placed near fences and walls, whereas small and wispy pieces make perfect path borders.

Upcycle containers

Looking to grow some seasonal plants this autumn? Consider doing so in recycled containers that are eco-friendly and add a quirky touch to your garden. There are so many suitable containers to recycle, including colanders, tin cans, teapots and plastic bottles. Just drill some drainage holes and fill with your chosen plants.

Make your own compost

There’s no need to buy compost in bags when heaps of autumn leaves are outside. These abundant, crispy leaves are invaluable sources of soil-enhancing organic matter, ready for the taking. Simply rake them into heaps in containers or somewhere else they’ll stay put undisturbed. They’ll decompose over the winter months and, by next summer, you’ll have ample nutritious compost to feed your soil.

Dig a vegetable garden

If you fancy being more self-sufficient, then why not start a vegetable garden? It’s the best time of year to grow a long list of plants, such as asparagus, broad beans, garlic and onions. Not only will your garden flourish but your health will too, as you grow your own supply of nutritious and chemical-free plant produce.

Which of these autumn gardening projects will you be trying?

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