A Guide to Maximizing Profits Selling the Xbox Series S

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Microsoft’s compact, all-digital Xbox Series S presents an intriguing proposition for gaming fans. The tiny console targets mainstream and budget audiences through sheer affordability at just $299 MSRP. For resellers, tapping into intense demand for the Xbox Series S offers chances for big profits even at moderate markup rates. Sell game Console.

Why The Xbox Series S Sells So Well

Pitched as an entry-level next generation console, the Xbox Series S smartly targets casual gamers overwhelmed by the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5’s $500+ price tags. Affordability combined with polished performance translates into widespread mass market appeal:

  • Aggressively priced at just $299 – often even less used
  • Small, minimalist design perfect for secondary TVs/monitors
  • Supports immersive 1440p gaming at 60+ fps
  • 512GB SSD still enables Quick Resume of multiple games
  • Full access to Xbox Game Pass service (100+ free games)
  • Plays all the same Xbox Series X titles
  • Ideal companion console for Game Pass streaming

On paper, the Series S sounds almost too good to be true. Yet hands-on reviews prove Microsoft impressively delivered genuine next generation gaming experiences in the cheapest package possible. Gamers responded enthusiastically, cementing sustained popularity that resellers can capitalize on.

Where To Find Xbox Series S Consoles

Given immense demand from audiences beyond just hardcore gamers, the tiny Xbox Series S actually suffers the same supply constraints as its bigger Series X and PlayStation 5 siblings:

  • Retailers rarely keep Series S consoles in stock
  • Used units get scooped up almost instantly on resale sites
  • Price gouging emerged, trying to exploit shortages

For resellers seeking Xbox Series S systems to flip, stay vigilant in monitoring these sources where inventory sporadically appears:

  • Check retailer Twitter feeds for restock notifications
  • Utilize inventory tracking tools and browser extensions to get the jump on retailers
  • Try waitlists and preorder lotteries when stores allocate limited stock
  • Consider signing up for inventory alerts via Discord or Telegram to notify groups
  • Test your luck finding lightly used consoles listed from other resellers on eBay/FB Marketplace

Keep persistent hunting for scarce Xbox stock. Ambitious resellers leverage tools and notifications to help locate Xbox Series S consoles and the moment availability signals. Ready payment details ahead of time, as checkout races encourage split-second purchasing reflexes before units get bought out!

Best Practices for Reselling The Xbox Series S

Managing actually to source Xbox Series S consoles sets the foundation for earning impressive profits amidst intense demand. Yet following a few proven tips employed by experienced resellers helps truly maximize returns:

  • Initially price units at least 15-20% above MSRP – or align with current eBay averages
  • Stress legitimate origins tied to actual retail purchases
  • Highlight console condition, including accessories like extra controllers or Game Pass trials, to demonstrate value
  • Create Buy It Now listings requiring immediate checkout with secure payment processing
  • Ship safely and quickly using established ground/overnight carriers with tracking
  • Attempt sales on multiple platforms simultaneously, including eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc, to ensure maximum visibility.

Present Xbox Series S offers using those best practices cultivated by top reselling professionals. This portrayal of legitimacy and great service builds buyer trust in you as a seller. Keep in mind that demand wildly eclipses available supply at least through 2023, so remain patient yet confident premium pricing gets met.

Why Do Xbox Series S Resellers Earn So Much?

Basic economics explains the fundamental forces allowing Xbox Series S resellers to double their money easily – or more:

  • Microchip Shortages – Console makers like Microsoft want to produce way more Xboxes than factories can presently ship
  • Buyer Impatience – Gamers eagerly pay inflated prices to secure consoles immediately rather than continuing fruitless searches.
  • Hype Around New Releases – Major games slated for Series X/S consoles like Starfield drive more demand to upgrade and play next-gen titles

As long as those market conditions persist, new Xbox Series S listings get bombarded almost instantly by legions of interested gamers competing for barely any inventory. Resellers name their price under this sort of supply-demand imbalance.

Savvy merchants satisfy that relentless consumer appetite and thirst for Microsoft’s compact budget powerhouse. For those enterprising enough to source Series S consoles, buyers eagerly fork out small fortunes.

Strong Future Outlook

By all accounts, demand seems guaranteed to only expand for Xbox Series S consoles as platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass gain traction. The little brother becomes a stealthy gateway for consumers to embrace everything Microsoft offers for just $299 – an incredible value!

Expect astonishing consumer interest and sky-high prices reselling Microsoft’s tiny white box to keep driving massive profits for years running. Given projected supply chain issues affecting production well into 2024, opportunists selling the Xbox Series S find themselves poised to capitalize on this immense demand.

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