8 Best Places To Visit In Lonavala


Nestled amidst the undulating Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, Lonavala is a quaint hill station that serves as a popular weekend getaway from the bustling cities of Mumbai and Pune. Known for its verdant valleys, gushing waterfalls, scenic lakes, and misty hills, Lonavala offers respite from the sweltering heat and the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities. The beautiful Lonavala Della Resort offers scenic views of the lush green hills and a relaxing stay by the pool. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the top places to visit and things to do when you are in Lonavala:

1. Tiger’s Leap

Perched on an elevated cliff top, Tiger’s Leap is a popular viewpoint that offers breathtaking vistas of the valleys and hills around Lonavala. Tiger’s Leap gets its unique name from a mythological legend recounting how a tiger used to leap across a valley to hunt its prey on the adjoining hill.

Today, Tiger’s Leap offers splendid views of the surrounding vistas for tourists and acts as the starting point for treks to several nearby destinations. The stunning cliff-top setting also makes it an excellent spot for photographers who want to capture panoramic shots of the valley and hills, which are carpeted with green forests and dotted with waterfalls.

2. Lush Green Valleys

Surrounded by the Sahyadri ranges, Lonavala is characterized by lush green valleys that seem carpeted in various shades of green. The valleys extend into densely forested hills and are dotted with gushing waterfalls that come alive during the monsoons.

Some of the most scenic valleys around Lonavala include the Ulhas Valley, Walvan Valley, and Karla Valley, which offer postcard-perfect Western Ghats views. The atmosphere is serene, with a cool breeze and a rhythmic chorus of birds. Long nature walks in these valleys are especially rejuvenating, while trekking routes cut through many of these valleys.

3. Lonavala Lake

Amid the hills of Lonavala lies the serene Lonavala Lake, an artificial lake constructed in 1876 over the River Indrayani. The lake is a popular spot to enjoy the calm and scenic lush green surroundings and activities like boating. Visitors can spend time in the adjacent garden with local snack stalls under its shady trees.

Pedal and row boating facilities make this an ideal place to bond with family and friends over a leisurely boat ride on the lake. The cool breeze and peaceful ambiance add to the charm of boating on the lake. One can also feast on fried snacks from nearby eating joints and sip hot tea while soaking in the greenSahyadri ranges’ vistas.

4. Imagica Theme Park

Located close to Lonavala, Imagica Theme Park makes for an entertaining one-day trip with family and friends. Adlabs owns Imagica, a globally benchmarked theme park with rides, attractions, live shows, and dining experiences catering to all age groups.

Divided into theme-based zones like Bollywood, Rico’s Harbor, and Asiana, Imagica transports you to a fantasy world through its immersive themes and international-level rides. From thrilling roller coasters like Nitro and Scream Machine to entertainment shows like I for India, there’s something for every visitor. Witness your favorite Bollywood scenes, and characters come to life through 4D shows and interactive experiences.

5. Celebrity Wax Museum

Celebrity Wax Museum is a key attraction located within Adlabs Imagica theme park based on the concept of Madame Tussauds wax museums worldwide. Housing life-size wax statues of celebrities and icons, the museum makes you star-struck with incredibly life-like wax figures.

Spread across several halls, the museum covers statues of famous Indian celebrities from diverse fields like cinema, sports, music, history, politics, and global figures. Pose with the evergreen beauty Madhuri Dixit, shake hands with cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, share the frame with young heartthrob Kartik Aaryan, or recreate the iconic ‘Disco Deewane’ step with cricketer Virat Kohli. International figures include celebritiesLady Gaga, Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber.,

6. Rajmachi Fort

The towering Rajmachi Fort, at an elevation of 2710 feet, is another must-visit spot for thrill-seekers and adventure buffs. Surrounded by lush green forests of the Sahyadri ranges, the fort can be reached via an enthralling 2-3 hour uphill trek from Lonavala, making it a haven for trekkers.

Once a strategic watchtower, the ramparts of Rajmachi Fort provide spectacular bird’s-eye views of the surrounding mountain ranges, valleys, waterfalls, and lakes. The entire fort complex spans two citadels – Shrivardhan Fort and Manaranjan Fort– joined by a narrow pathway. The trek route to Rajmachi goes through the scenic Ulhas valley, which offers fantastic vistas of the Western Ghats.

7. Lonavala Waterfall

Tucked away behind the Bhushi dam near INS Shivaji is a lively and inviting waterfall that comes to life during the monsoons. Due to the heavy rainfall, the water comes gushing down in full force from around 100 feet off the edge of the Western Ghats.

While just a thin stream in other seasons, the Lonavala waterfall appears milky white and foamy during the wet months, making it appealing to shower under the water cascade. The surroundings, with dense trees and foliage, enhance the beauty of the place. Since the flow is heavy during monsoons, taking precautions is best.

The short trek to reach the base of the waterfall is quite thrilling. Many hawkers sell snacks and hot tea around the waterfall site, too.

8. Tikona Fort

Famously known as Vitandgad, Tikona Fort is a dominant hill fort near Lonavala overlooking the Pawna Lake and dam. Its strategic location and towering triangular bastion give it the name ‘Tikona,’ meaning triangular. The 3500-foot-high hill fort is a haven for trekkers and history lovers, where the 7 km trek passes through steep climbs, tiny villages, and grasslands.

Exploring the stone towers and walls, along with the trimmed lawns inside the Tikona Fort, offers splendid views of the surrounding Pawna Valley and lake. Do be careful of the steep stairs and high ramparts. The trek is moderately complex, but the sweeping vistas from the top make it worth it!


Lonavala is the perfect weekend getaway from metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune, with its lush green vistas, pleasant weather, and many sights. Activities interest people across age groups, from historic hill forts and ancient rock-cut caves to dams, lakes, and theme parks. Spend time exploring its natural beauty while bonding with friends and family by visiting the famous Lonavala Della Resort; you can spend quality time together in the resort’s gardens and cozy rooms.

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