7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Tuxedo for Your Body Type

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Many different body types can wear a tuxedo, from short and stout to tall and slim. However, the right fit is critical when choosing the perfect one.

For example, if you’re skinny, opt for padding to add bulk and balance your frame. Also, choose lower tuxedo jacket buttons and a narrow tie to elongate your look.

Keep It Simple

Men invited to black-tie events often have not decided whether to wear suits or any in a blue tuxedo wedding. The answer comes down to the event’s formality and personal style, but the type of fabric can also influence it. For instance, an all-wool suit can have a matte appearance, while a mohair blend introduces a subtle sheen.

Men with a tall and lean frame can usually pull off any style of tuxedo, although they should avoid double-breasted jackets to prevent bulking up their frames. A low-button stance on the coat and a slim tie will help elongate your silhouette.

Keep It Elegant

Men are often forced to shop for a tuxedo at some point. Whether it’s their wedding day or a fancy black tie affair, they must find an elegant and polished look like wearing a belt with a tuxedo.

The difference between a tuxedo and a suit might seem subtle at first glance, but the details can make a big difference in how you look. Try a notch lapel rather than a shawl collar to tone down a look. When in doubt, always opt for a suit over a tuxedo for any less than a black-tie event.

Keep It Fitted

Getting a proper fit is essential when it comes to tuxedos. An adequately fitted tuxedo will flatter your body and keep you looking dapper all night. It also prevents you from popping a jacket button while dancing or blowing out your cufflinks during a toast.

For men who prefer to show a bit of skin, consider a vest or cummerbund. They are typically worn at black tie events and are low cut to highlight your tux shirt. A black bow tie and studs on your shirt will complete the look.

Keep It Long

Some people believe the waist covering is optional, but this piece is essential in keeping a tuxedo looking streamlined. A cummerbund helps hide the crease naturally created where the shirt meets the pants, so don’t skimp on this part of your outfit!

Tall and lean men have many options for choosing the perfect tuxedo. A two-button jacket is always a safe choice, but you could also try a three or four-button style for a more modern look.

Keep It Thin

While many guys think that tuxedos are simply suits with bow ties, the right style and accessories will set you apart. For starters, you should aim for a satin-finish bow tie and black pants (as opposed to jeans or other dark shades).

In terms of shirting, stick with the traditional notch lapel — it’s more formal than a wing-tip collar shirt, and it won’t feel like you’re returning to junior prom. Also, skip the buttons on your shirt and use cufflinks or studs.

Remember to take accurate measurements, especially regarding your waist and inseam. An adequately measured suit means the difference between feeling comfortable all night* and bursting a jacket button**.

Keep It Short

While it’s easy to think that simply wearing a tuxedo automatically makes you look amazing, many details can make or break your appearance. From button counts to lapel styles, there are a variety of factors that can drastically affect your look.

For example, if you’re short, choosing a one-button jacket can help you appear taller by drawing attention to your chest and shoulders. Similarly, choosing a slim fit will help you look sleek and slender.

Keep It Modern

Even a few modern touches can make a massive difference in the formality of your outfit. For example, cuff design is a personal preference, but most tuxedos should use French cuffs. Shirt color can also be more creative with black tie attire, but you should avoid straying too far from classic wool styles.

Button counts are also a personal choice, but most agree that a single-button jacket is more formal than a two-button option. The trousers should match the lapel fabric for a sleek silhouette and have a side stripe to create an overall look of sleekness.

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