7 Proven Methods for a More Skilled Enterprise Team

With business trends picking up speed, enterprise teams have become a necessity. In this time and age where agility and digitalization are unavoidable, enterprise teams can coordinate their goals to meet new opportunities.

Organizational agility is crucial here and so is top-notch leadership. Basically, these teams are tasked with creating purpose and driving value by exerting control over the organizational culture.

While enterprise teams work separately, that isn’t to say they’re removed from other teams. On the contrary, in order to be able to drive alignment, they must remain vigilant.

Feats to Look for in Enterprise Teams

First of all, enterprise teams must be empowered to boost organizational teamwork.

While there are numerous approaches in this regard, you should focus on the following:

Set OKRs

Use the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) agile framework to establish operational goals. OKRs are certain to help businesses increase their transparency on top of boosting their agility.

Enterprise teams should specifically stick to OKRs as they are the driving force behind positive change. Depending on your organizational needs, you may deploy OKRs in three different manners (or use a combination of these):

  •         OKR as a framework: establishes a consistent pattern for defining qualitative goals and quantitative key results.
  •         OKR as a strategic link: links organizational vision to operational business.
  •         OKR as an agile process: drives agility and organizational learning.

Objectives should be a description of what your business aims to achieve.

Key results should be a numerical indicator showing how well your business is handling target objectives.

Stick to 3 to 5 key results per objective. Anything more or less would be counterproductive.

Finally, key results can be outcome-based and project-based. Outcome-based key results measure progress against key performance indicators (‘from x to y). Project-based key results deal with the process completion (0% to 100%).

Pick the Best Hybrid Work Model

If you haven’t employed a hybrid work model yet, it’s high time you changed your mind. Enterprise teams can work remotely just like any other team, so businesses shouldn’t be limited to local candidates only.

For organizations with office work running strong, there’s an option to make both categories of employees happy. Namely, there are 6 hybrid work models to accommodate every business’ needs, as follows:

  •         Almost entirely off premises
  •         Almost entirely on premises
  •         Partially remote work, large office space
  •         Partially remote work, multiple hubs
  •         Multiple microhubs
  •         Partially remote work, with flexible office space

Brainstorm Training Methodologies

Develop personalized corporate training programs to uphold organizational learning as this is the only approach that will boost engagement from the get-go.

With so many opportunities created by new technologies, it shouldn’t be too difficult to quiz your employees and get to work.

One trending approach is video learning, so give it a go and see where it takes you. As a rule, video materials are more engaging and provide visual breakdowns, boosting learning in the process.

Set up a Knowledge Sharing System

A knowledge-sharing system (KSS) can go a long way in saving your business precious time and resources.

It is a common woe for businesses to give their best to establish a learner-first culture and then not document everything. As a result, employees waste enormous amounts of time looking for the information they need ASAP, often involving their colleagues in the process.

A KSS can change that: by providing instantaneous access to all members of the organization no matter the time and place, everyone will be able to access the exact piece of information they need to finish the task at hand faster and more efficiently.

Uphold Transparent Communication

Efficient communication can’t be guaranteed by the use of new tech alone. It’s only obvious that humans need to interact on a deeper level to be able to connect.

In the business context, communication can turn into an unpleasant experience, especially when tight deadlines are involved.

Businesses should not only think about bettering team communication in day-to-day activities. Team-building activities, hybrid events and meet-ups should also be mixed in.

Hands-On Contact Center Automation

Contact center automation (CCA) can help with multiple departments, notably with process automation, employee empowerment, and customer connections.

Make an effort to handpick the most sophisticated automation software that offers integrated RPA and conversational AI capabilities.

The ultimate goal is to streamline and optimize processes and thus help your frontline teams perform better.

Alas!, the plight of frontline workers can’t be solved by the efforts of enterprise teams alone as there are so many issues to tackle that new tech must be deployed.

Recommended CCA software solutions include:

  •  VoIP protocols: deliver voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
  • ACD systems: answer and distribute incoming calls to a specific group of terminals or agents and often feature a voice menu.
  •  IVR systems: boost human interactions with a computer-operated phone system through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad. IVR allows customers to interact with a company’s host system via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition.

Focus on Employee Feedback

Last but not least, you should keep an eye on employee engagement. This is best done by deploying an anonymous feedback system, which can also be facilitated with the help of new tech.

On top of the fact that people are different, there’s also employee compatibility to consider. Role diversification and efficient communication can help in this regard, but you’ll never know whether your strategies are effective unless you ask for feedback.

Enterprise teams can help with a variety of tasks in this regard, but they need to know what to focus on.

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