5 Reasons Why Your Key Fob Stopped Working

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The fob is a central aspect of contemporary car security. It makes locking and unlocking our cars very convenient without needing a key. Sometimes, you can notice that your key fob has stopped working out of nowhere. This can piss off, particularly if in a hurry or in an unknown area. Here are the top 5 causes of why your key fob stopped working and how you can fix it.

Dead Battery

Most key fobs stop working because of a dead battery. The standard battery contained by most key fobs is similar to that which fits in a watch and can last for several years. But if your key fob has been inactive for a while, it’s also likely that the battery is just dead. The positive thing is that the battery replacement is simple and inexpensive. Check the manual of your key fob on how to change the battery.

Signal Interference

Signal interference is another reason your crucial fob stops functioning due to powerful electromagnetic fields or other electronic devices near your key fob. If this is true, try standing a few feet away from the car and using the key fob to push the buttons. If it was successful, there was probably a problem with signal interference.

Damaged Key Fob

Key fobs are small and can easily be broken or lost, which will make them stop working. If you just dropped the key fob or noticed some physical damage, then it is most likely the cause of why it does not work. With this, you take your key fob to a professional locksmith who will repair or replace it.

Faulty Key Fob Circuit Board

The circuit board in your crucial fob helps transmit and receive signals to and from your car’s locking system. If it is damaged or malfunctions, your key fob will stop working. Alas, mending a circuit board that went wrong is tricky, so it is better to seek a professional locksmith to replace it.


The modern key fobs are operated using a rolling code system that changes every time the key fob won’t unlock the car. This is a security measure to stop someone from intercepting your crucial fob’s code and duplicating it. But sometimes, there occurs a derangement of the synchronization between your key fob and the car’s locking system, resulting in the critical fob stopping working. To remedy this concern, refer to your car’s manual for re-synchronizing your key fob.


The list of potential causes of why your key fob stopped working is extensive. Starting with a dead battery and ending with a damaged circuit board, any problems can prevent your key fob from operating normally. The consolation is that most of these problems can easily be fixed with slight solutions or by seeking the services of a professional locksmith. Always refer to the car’s manual to solve the issues, and replace the key fob’s battery regularly to avoid unexpected hitches. Don’t let a non-working key fob spoil your day – you can follow these tips and get back on track using your key fob to lock and unlock your car securely and conveniently.

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