What Are The Types Of Human Hair Extensions?

What Are The Types Of Human

The versatile world of human hair extensions opens up a slew of options. From clip-ins and tape-ins to sew-in weaves and microlinks, each hair extension type brings its unique flair to the table.

For beginners, navigating this diverse landscape may seem a bit challenging, given the variety of hair extensions. 

In today’s blog, we’ll delve into the details, meticulously breaking down the six popular types of hair extensions so you can make the best choice for your hair. 

Whether you’re intrigued by the convenience of human hair clip-in hair extensions or the seamless blend of tape-ins, we’re here to shed light on the array of choices available. 

So, get ready to venture on a journey of discovery within the vibrant world of human hair extensions!

6 Types of human hair extensions

1. Clip-In Human Hair Extensions 

First on our list is clip-in human hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are a type of temporary hair extension that you can easily attach and remove without the need for professional assistance. 

These extensions have wefts of human hair with small pressure-sensitive clips attached to the base of the wing. 

To use clip-ins, you section off your natural hair and clip the extensions close to the roots. The clips securely hold the wings in place, instantly adding length, volume, or colour to your hair. 

Clip-in extensions are popular among women due to their convenience and versatility. They are suitable for various hairstyles and can be quickly worn or removed. 

This makes them an excellent choice for women who want to experiment with different looks without a long-term commitment.

2. Halo Human Hair Extensions 

Up next, we have the trendy and stylish halo human hair extensions. Representing a delightful choice in temporary hair extensions, they effortlessly eliminate the need for clips, tapes, or bonds for attachment.

The ultra-thin, transparent wire they boast sets these human hair extensions apart. Not only is it virtually invisible, but it also ensures unparalleled comfort throughout the day.

Indulge in the luxury of easy-to-style extensions that effortlessly enhance your look with minimal effort. They are ideal for women looking for a chic, low-maintenance hairstyle.

Experience hassle-free installation in a matter of moments. Delicately place the wire atop your head, creating a heavenly halo effect. Your natural locks seamlessly cover and blend with the extension, resulting in a flawless, natural appearance.

They offer a swift and straightforward approach to achieving both length and volume. 

Say goodbye to the commitment associated with semi-permanent hair extension options while still enjoying the versatility and beauty of luscious, transformed locks. 

Transform your look effortlessly with Halo human hair extensions and step into a world of style and comfort.

3. Tape-In Human Hair Extensions 

Third, we have tape in human hair extensions. Made with natural human hair, tape in hair extensions consists of thin wefts, typically about one or two inches wide, with a narrow strip of adhesive tape on the top side. 

The application process involves delicately sandwiching a small section of natural hair between two tape wefts, ensuring a secure attachment without needing heat or tools. 

Known for their undetectable appearance, tape in human hair extensions lies flat against the head, achieving a flawless blend with your natural locks.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these extensions offer exceptional comfort and versatility, allowing you to experiment with several hairstyles while maintaining a natural look. 

Tape-in extensions last up to 8 weeks and offer a long-lasting solution before requiring repositioning or replacement.

4. Sew-In Weave Human Hair Extensions 

In the fourth spot, we have sew-in weave human hair extensions. This semi-permanent method involves sewing wefts of hair onto tightly braided natural hair. 

First, your natural hair is braided, and then the wefts of human hair are sewn onto the braids using a needle and thread. Unlike clip-on hair extensions, these types of extensions need to be installed by a professional hair stylist and require hours for a complete installation. 

Sew-in extensions offer the freedom to try different hairstyles, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural hair when applied correctly. 

Professional installation is vital to maximizing the benefits of this flexible and secure hair extension method.

Beyond versatility, sew-in hair extensions provide a natural look when appropriately installed and offer a longer-lasting solution, typically lasting between 6 and 8 weeks before needing to be removed.

Additionally, sew-in human hair extensions also serve as a protective style since your natural hair is braided and is not subjected to daily styling. 

5. Fusion Human Hair Extensions

Fifth on the list are fusion human hair extensions, a preferred choice among women seeking to achieve longer and fuller hair.

Installing extensions like these requires attaching individual strands of human hair to your own using a unique adhesive made of keratin. The keratin bond is melted onto a small section of your natural hair, ensuring a secure and discreet attachment.

The individually attached strands seamlessly blend with the natural hair, resulting in a smooth and natural appearance. 

Moreover, the keratin bonds are meticulously colour-matched to your hair, amplifying the extensions’ ability to replicate the texture and shade of your natural locks.

Beyond their natural appeal, these human hair extensions boast remarkable versatility. 

Since the extensions are attached individually, you can curl, straighten, or braid your hair without any constraints. This adaptability is particularly enticing for women who relish frequent hairstyle changes or wish to explore different looks for special occasions.

Furthermore, with proper care, these extensions last for several months. The robustness of the bonds contributes to an extended period of full-bodied and lengthened locks, presenting a reliable solution for women seeking a lasting impact.

6. Micro Link Human Hair Extensions 

Concluding the list of human hair extensions, we have micro-link hair extensions. These extensions are a distinctive method for upgrading the look of your natural hair.

In this method, small wefts of hair are meticulously attached to small sections of your hair using a tiny silicone-lined bead. 

A specialized tool is used to secure the bead to the hair for a secure hold.

While microlink hair extensions do not require the use of heat or glue, it’s important to note that professional installation is crucial in preventing potential damage. 

Improper installation can lead to issues like over-tightening of the bead, causing pressure and pulling at the roots. Moreover, not removing the extensions properly can result in your hair being pulled out.

It is essential to entrust this process to a professional who understands the intricacies of the technique.

That said, the absence of heat or adhesive means less stress on your natural hair, contributing to a healthier overall look. 


The diverse world of these six human hair extensions opens up a realm of possibilities for women looking for versatility, style, and expression of individuality. From clip-in hair pieces offering instant transformations to sew-ins providing a lasting, natural look, hair extensions cater to various preferences and lifestyles. 

Now, it’s your time to elevate your style and experience the beauty of hair extensions. Head to Paula Young® and shop from their collection of human hair extensions to redefine your look.

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