Bamboo flooring: an excellent choice for pure nature and environmental protection!

bamboo flooring

Today, we will take an in-depth look at this attractive flooring material: bamboo flooring. Flooring, as an important part of home décor, should not only be durable and beautiful but also reflect the owner’s aesthetic taste and personality. Bamboo flooring, with its unique and loud brand name, is just such an attractive product.

Bamboo flooring, as the name suggests, is selected from fresh green bamboo after careful selection and processing made of flooring. Bamboo, as a kind of herbaceous plant, has a growth rate that is much faster than wood; it is known as a model of sustainable development and is a firm practitioner of the concept of environmental protection. In recent years, bamboo flooring has gradually won the majority of consumers’ love, and the market demand is growing. Therefore, on the market now, there is a wide variety of bamboo flooring, rich and diverse styles, and colorful, from which you can choose. I believe you will be able to find the most suitable one for their needs, the one bamboo flooring, for your home environment to add a charm to nature!

So, how was bamboo flooring born? Let me reveal the secret to you!

First, we will use high-quality bamboo after strict screening and fine processing to ensure that each piece of bamboo flooring is of excellent quality. Then, according to the customer’s specific needs and design requirements, the bamboo will be cut into the appropriate size and then carefully sanded and polished, making the surface smooth and, delicate, comfortable, and pleasant to the touch. Finally, according to different processes and material characteristics, bamboo flooring is painted and decorated to give it a colorful appearance.

Based on its structure type, bamboo flooring is mainly divided into three categories: horizontal bamboo, vertical bamboo, and stranded bamboo. Horizontal and vertical bamboo are bamboo strips that are tightly combined together horizontally or vertically to create a unique texture pattern. Stranded bamboo, on the other hand, is made by weaving and compressing bamboo fibers to create a tough and durable stranded bamboo. This unique manufacturing process makes bamboo flooring extremely strong and durable.

In order to meet the diversified needs of all types of customers, we have also introduced various types of bamboo flooring. For example, both solid and engineered bamboo flooring can be laid on top of a mat or glued directly to the subfloor. Only parquet and commercial bamboo flooring need to be fixed and cannot float freely.

As for the type of planks, you can choose either plank bamboo flooring or parquet bamboo flooring. The former is made up of single bamboo planks spliced together in longer lengths and varying widths. At the same time, the latter is a small, uniformly sized floor that is easy to combine into a variety of geometric shapes. For engineered bamboo flooring, the width can even reach an impressive 190 millimeters due to its greater stability.

In terms of floor finishes, we offer three distinct finishes: matte lacquer, satin-matte lacquer, and aged bamboo flooring. The matte and satin-matte finishes give the bamboo a different level of gloss or matte effect, displaying a distinctive visual aesthetic. The old bamboo flooring is purposely aged before painting, giving the surface a rustic and natural texture, as if traveling to a distant ancient time.

In terms of color selection, with the wide promotion and popularity of bamboo flooring, there are many colors for you to choose from. The standard colors of bamboo flooring include natural and carbonized colors. Natural bamboo has a golden yellow color, which is transformed into a dark brown after carbonization and smoking. In addition, we offer a wide range of bamboo flooring colors such as chestnut brown, lime, pebble grey, rustic carbonized, and more to meet your individual needs.

Overall, bamboo flooring has many advantages, such as:

– Bamboo weave has exceptional durability and abrasion resistance for long service life;

– Bamboo is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material, which is in line with the contemporary pursuit of a green lifestyle;

– Compared to expensive solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring is affordable and cost-effective;

– Bamboo flooring is easy to maintain and clean, saving time and energy;

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